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    Getting this message repeatedly for 3+ weeks. Only picturemail. "Message failed to send. Try again" with the yellow triangle and exclamation.

    On the top of the actual text where the other triangle is, when clicked it says "Unable to send essage. A network error occurred."

    Updated network settings, prl, rebooted, even swapped devices (separate issue) and doctored both at some point. Figured it was a sprint issue, but its nearly a month now + still happening 90% of the time.
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    Have you contacted Sprint about it, yet?

    This happened to my son a few months ago and they had to refresh the network and data settings on his account to fix it.
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    Go into the phone app and them into preferences. Update the PRL and network settings in there to see how that fairs. Afterwards, nag Sprint on that if nogo.
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    I have been getting the same problems lately. I called Sprint and they gave me their BS procedure that they use for every problem. Turn off phone, take out battery for 30 seconds and then turn on and Update PRL and Update Network Settings! No luck. I have to call back and see of they have another fix.
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    had this problem and after updates and resets with sprint it was found that picture mail was turned off in my account. Still have a problem if I add text to a picture but aleast it's working with just a picture. Did not want to swap out my phone and if I had it wouldn't have fixed the problem. Took a couple of days for the tech to figure out he should look at the settings sprint had on my account.
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    I have had this same problem. Resetting the PRL did the trick for me (via blog post of 2/23 by Adam Marks), finally sending pics and text as well.

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