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    I just got my unlocked Palm Pre 2. I have Sprint, and a few years ago, Sprint sent me a SIM card to use in Europe. It works great, I just put it in any unlocked GSM phone (I have a quad-band Nokia dumbphone) and once I get to Europe, it works perfectly. If someone called my Sprint number while I was in Europe it would ring whatever phone had the Sprint SIM card in it.

    I went ahead and put my Sprint SIM card into my new Pre 2 (while in the U.S.) and no service. I assume that Sprint has roaming agreements with GSM carriers all over the world, and that is why it works (since Sprint is CDMA). I also assume that Sprint does not have any roaming agreements with any U.S. GSM carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile since Sprint has their own network in the U.S., which is CDMA. I called Sprint CS and they basically told me the same thing (after speaking with tech support), that Sprint does not have any roaming agreements with U.S. GSM carriers, since Sprint has their own network in the U.S.

    But check this out. I have taken my Sprint Palm Pre, and my Sprint GSM SIM card to Mexico, and they both work just fine (obviously the Pre on a CDMA network and the SIM on a GSM network). Sprint decided to have roaming agreements in Mexico for CDMA and GSM. I wish Sprint had roaming agreements with U.S. GSM carriers.

    It looks like I'm out of luck with my Pre 2 to work Sprint. I know people have Pre 2's working on Sprint, but I'm waiting for an easier work-around.

    Does anybody know how to get a Sprint SIM card to work on AT&T or T-Mobile? Or is that not possible? I have an AT&T SIM in it now and working great, but was hoping to get it up and running on Sprint.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Anybody have any ideas???

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
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    It simply isn't possible to get a Sprint Sim card working in US-based GSM providers. The only way to get the unlocked Pre 2 to work on Sprint is to go through the process of manually converting the device.
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    Thanks, thats what I figured, I just had to hear it from somebody else.


    Guess I just have to wait til 2/9 for the fun to begin!

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