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    What should I do? I have a Sprint Pre with a chip off of the upper left corner of the front slider section that ( you can see the edge of the mirror looking into it ), the USB door is missing, volume buttons don't work, headphone jack won't release most times, and the screen scrambles on occasion and requires battery pull and being plugged into USB on PC. I took the phone into a NON corporate store and asked if there was a way to replace the phone. They said no and flagged it as "Ir-repairable" due to the USB door missing. This was done just weeks prior to the replacement policy change for damaged phones ( i have the insurance ). When I took the phone in again after the policy change and asked again about getting a repair due to the phone screen scrambling, they said it had been flagged in the system and could not be replaced and the system could not be changed. What can I do as a lover of WebOS and my Pre and a seven year Sprint customer with no claims till now. I love my phone, please help.
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    I think you're stuck with it. You can get the original pre off of ebay for cheap. I would buy a palm pre plus and then use the comm board on your old phone to make it work on sprint, if you are good with computers.
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    insurance should entitle you to a replacement as long as you pay the deductible. I think it's $100 for Sprint. It's $50 for me on VZW.

    Check the terms of your TEP program, but I think it will cover theft, loss, etc. If they will replace it for dropping it in the toilet, I don't see any difference in the physical damage you've described.
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    Doesn't make sense. Does the insurance cover if you lose it? Or just phone internal circuit failure? Broken screen? I don't get it; why buy insurance if they down own up to it?

    BTW, I have taken 3 Pre's into Sprint stores for warranty replacement and never once did they give me even a sigh that the usb cover was missing on all of them.
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    try another repair store. some stores are more up tight than others.
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    Have you considered having it "get stolen"?
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    With the current policy you don't have to pay a deductable for the issues it's having. To lose it would require the 100 dollar deductable. I went to a different corperate store and they said first store had flagged it in the system. Any Sprint reps on here have any advice? Should I contact the main company and tell them the story? They are trying to increase customer satisfaction ratings, so asking the big guys may be worth while. If I can't get any change made for a replacement, I will try to limp along till next hardware release.
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    I dropped mine last week, and broke the digitizer/screen. Everything else worked fine. Thought I read where claims were being handled differently, so called in. I admitted that I dropped it, and of course they now want the $100. No choice, they were right, so paid it.
    Went to sprint website and sent them a note about how I'm seeing all of these users on the Internet getting free repairs/replacements, that I'm eligible for an upgrade but don't want to spend that when I know new devices are coming shortly. (there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home).
    I received a nice reply:
    Yes, you do owe the money,
    "However, considering your association with Sprint, I have applied one
    time credit of $100 on your account. You can view the credit on your
    next invoice. "
    Even better, the credit hit the day before my billing cycle closed, and before the $100 charge appeared.
    Yes, Sprint as about customer service. (Don't ask me about Asurion right now though).
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    Awsome. Glad to hear it worked out for you. May just buy a used one for now and hope that CES brings good device news on all carriers and before the end of Jan.

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