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    If I add the mandatory $10 fee for 4g, does sprint still have the cheapest rates for smartphones?

    I'm seriously considering jumping back to verizon if the prices aren't to far off.
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    I would have to say yes. 4G seems over-rated to me and the feedback I got from it was it's super fast but a huge battery consumer. 69.99 + 10.00 still leaves you below Verizons plans for the same comparable plans. I think you can get more minutes with V but with unlimited cell to cell I never go over 450 minutes a month.
    I have a friend who had the Evo for a couple weeks, then switched to V and now pays around $100/mo for what he had with Sprint for $80. Company discounts would be a deciding factor in this as well.
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    Even with the 4g surcharge, sprint is significantly cheaper than Verizon. Unless you call landlines for more than 450 minutes a month, you'll save a couple hundred a year. With free any mobile, I rarely use more than 20 of my 450 minutes a month.

    For me, sprint w/ 4G is even cheaper than Verizon would be if I use my company discount.

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    As has been pointed out, Sprint's cheaper than VZ up front and you may qualify for a Sprint discount.I get a 25% discount on my Sprint bill.

    Sprint corporate discount -
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    I got a 3000 min 4g unlimited txt data fam plan thru costco for $140. 1500 was 130. Additionally got a 12% corp discount. With a 25% Sprint corp deal including 25% corp disc which matched Tmo deal plus I got two MyTouch 4g phones for $100 where Sprint wanted nearly $500 for 2 EVOs( and I am a Premier).
    However, be sure Tmo data and voice coverage works for you. Get the phone on a trial basis keeping current provider.

    Good Luck
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    Kaiser Permanente employees get 23% as well. I think this is Sprint's basic corporate discount plan. As far as 4G goes, I've never used it. Nobody has. True 4G has a max down speed of 100mbps. Will the real 4G please stand up? | Signal Strength - CNET News ...I have, however used an Evo on Sprint's wimax and it is really, really fast. The $10 per month premium still lies below Verizon's prices and Verizon's LTE won't be fully functional till, at least, the middle of 2011.
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    Tmo has a much better pitch-women

    However, I'll stick with Sprint,even though they have an inept ad agency.

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