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    I just emailed this letter to the Sprint Board of Directors. I have had success emailing them in the past. I'll post the response if and when I get one. I just tried to simply state what I feel in a professional manner...

    To whom it may concern,

    I have been a long time Sprint customer and I have been nothing but impressed with all aspects of Spint, from plan pricing to the vastly improved customer service. Sprint has turned a rather treacherous customer service experience into an easy, no hassle experience. I personally enjoy the fact that I call Sprint and only speak to one person during my call, instead of being transferred to several different people. Thank you very much for the attention you give to individual customers. It is greatly appreciated.

    As you can see, I am a proud owner of a Palm Pre smartphone (along with my wife on a separate account). We are among a vibrant and dedicated group of Palm and Hewlett Packard webOS enthusiasts. I understand that we make up a small portion of Sprint customers; however, we are arguably the most supportive of our hardware and software (HP Palm and webOS). The Sprint HP webOS community is in fear that Sprint will not be a primary carrier for the next generation of HP Palm phones. I speak for the majority of the webOS community (myself included), that while we are fans of Sprint, our loyalty to HP Palm will take us to any carrier that launches the next generation of HP Palm phones.

    I personally do not want to leave Sprint for another carrier, and I do not plan on it. I like Spint's plan pricing, and I was very happy with the personal attention I received regarding my reception issues. I am not asking for information regarding Spint's future product roadmap, I just want the Sprint Executives to be cognizant of the importance and general opinions of their HP Palm webOS customers. I became aware that HP Palm webOS fans recently inundated Sprint's Facebook page with requests for the Palm Pre 2, and when Sprint sent out a survey regarding the future devices it should carry, HP Palm and webOS clearly made up a majority of responses. I know the original Palm Pre was not quite the success Spint had hoped, but at the time Palm was a small company with limited resources. Today, now that Palm has been purchased by the largest technology company in the world, Hewlett Packard, their resources are limitless and a successful launch is all but assured.

    Sprint Executives, your HP Palm webOS customers are loyal to Sprint; however, a vast majority, including myself, will leave Sprint for Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile for the next generation of HP Palm webOS phones. We do not want to leave, but we will. Please take us into consideration when choosing your future product roadmap, and be a primary carrier for HP Palm webOS.

    Thank you for your time and attention in this Matter.

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    Well written.
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    Your letter is a very professional and well-presented case for Sprint to continue to support Palm products in the future. I hope that Sprint will take note and rethink their apparent abandonment of Palm and webOS.

    I am on Verizon and am sure the Verizon will be more than glad to take your money (and then some) when and if Sprint no longer supports webOS.
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    I also wrote a letter like this. Thank you very much for posting this to let people know that there is a better and much more mature way to communicate with Sprint on this issue, rather than spamming and crying all over Sprint's Facebook page. Well done!
    I don't understand the purpose of the line, I don't need to drink to have fun. Great, no one does. But why start a fire with flint and sticks when they've invented the lighter?

    Let's all give thanks to the app that started it all.
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    Excellent letter.
    You expressed my concerns exactly. I would have attached my name to this letter before you sent it.
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    Thank all of you for your support. As you can see, I have been a Precentral member since close to the beginning (still have my launch day Pre); I constantly troll the forums and hardly post, but starting now.

    This time I felt that it was neccessary to contact Sprint directly and let them know how many of us feel.

    I received a reponse from Sprint today which states:

    Dear Mr. *******:

    Your inquiry was forwarded to the Sprint Executive & Regulatory Services Department, and I have been asked to address your account concerns. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

    I look forward to the opportunity to assist you. Please contact me toll-free at ******* or to my desk phone ****** Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Eastern Time. Please reference case ****** at the time of your call.


    Executive Analyst
    Executive and Regulatory Services

    I am going to call later this week and discuss my letter and concerns with them in detail. PLEASE POST any of your concerns that you feel I should include in my conversation with the Sprint Executive Analyst.

    I know the response is generic; however, I will be speaking to a specific person who addresses issues that are brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. I obviously removed personal and contact information.

    Thanks again.
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    kool lets see whats said
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    what is the email I could send a letter to? I would like to write one as well.
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    Well written letter! Thank you for your efforts. Sprint needs to know that there are many of us that use WebOS and want to continue to do so and on Sprint as they have the best pricing plans IMO. I am due for an upgrade and am waiting to see what the next WebOS device is that Sprint carries and hopefully will go with it but it has to be something that is a major upgrade and not just a revamped Pre (aka Pre2). Let them know that we don't want the same course as with the Pre where we got the Pre and the other carriers got the Pre Plus. Good luck and thank you again.
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    this is a well written letter bua a csr rep wil call you who knowa absolutely nothing
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    May I use the wording of your letter but change Sprint to O2 in the UK?
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    OP, please don't take this post as a direct criticism to you. Your letter was fine. The fact that you felt like you had to write it is what troubles me. How incompetent do you think HP is? Do you not think they are already having these conversations with the highest level officials? Do you really believe that Sprint will say "yes" to you while saying "no" to HP?

    I see this all the time with letters to developers and such. On the one hand, people, here, want to believe that the Palm torch burns brightly in the good hands of HP. On the other hand, they act as if HP and Palm are the Keystone Cops of the industry. Which is it? If HP is so incompetent that they need you to negotiate with Sprint to carry a flagship device, you should probably just move to a different device from a company that does not need your help.
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    Very well written letter.
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    OK, a few things. First the phone call from Sprint, then I'll respond to the questions from dand. Oh ya, Jimbode, I'm flattered, thank you, and please use the letter as you see fit.

    Stu5, you were correct, mostly... The Executive Analyst that called me had read the letter and was actually excited to speak to me about it, even though she clearly admitted that her webOS knowledge was lacking. I reiterated to her the talking points of my letter and expressed to her that I was speaking on the behalf of many. She listened, took notes, and said that there are a few Sprint Execs that would be interested in reading the letter. She said that she would pass on my letter with her notes to several Sprint Execs. She said they normally do not respond directly to customers (big surprise); however, this appeared to be a clear exception. So we will see, and of course, I will keep you updated.

    Dand, no worries, you have valid questions. As you can see I have been a member here since the beginning, but just started posting, and I started with this letter to Sprint. All I will say is that I am obviously motivated and concerned about Sprint's current feelings toward the future of webOS phones (hence the letter).

    I have full confidence in HP/Palm, but little in Sprint. Carriers make money via their relationships with the phone suppliers, but mostly it comes from our pockets. Sprint's main motivation is subscriber retention, and aquiring new subscribers. We hear about it during each of Sprint's quarterly earning reports... how many subscribers they gained, lost and retained. Sprint Nextel is a publicly traded company and they inevitably have to answer to their shareholders. The more subscribers Sprint retains, the better for Sprint.

    Now, my other motivation for the letter. I wrote this letter directly to Sprint executives to make them aware that a significant portion of their HP Palm and webOS user base (subscribers) may leave Sprint for another carrier if they do not carry the next generation of webOS phones. If that happens and 10k, 20k, or maybe 100k webOS subscribers leave Sprint in one quarter, that is very bad news for Sprint, in many ways.

    By giving Sprint a heads up that this may occur (from us, their subscribers), then they can not cry foul if we leave. Otherwise, without any warning and we leave, Sprint could always say... if we only knew how many people would leave if we did not carry the next webOS devices.

    Lets not forget that smartphones have changed the customer loyalty dynamics with carriers. Customers used to be loyal mostly to carriers based on price, customer service, coverage, etc. More recently, customers are becoming more loyal to the devices and operating systems of their smartphones, like most of us. The carriers are slowly catching on to this, and Sprint is late to the party (AT&T gambled on this precise premise with the iPhone, and largely won).

    Furthermore, regarding HP Palm, I clearly indicated my high level of confidence in them by stating that due to Palm being aquired by HP, their resources are limitness and a successful launch is all but assured.

    I could go on all day, but don't want to bore anyone. Sprint chooses which phones they carry, not the phone supplier. Palm has already left a bad taste in Sprint's mouth (Pre/Pixi sales), and they are naturally hesitant about carrying future Palm devices.

    I am not trying to negotiate anything with Sprint or speak on behalf of, or for, HP Palm. They can handle that much better themselves. I am just trying to make Sprint aware of US, and that together WE matter, since WE contribute to the successes or failures of Sprint.

    BTW, I'm sticking with HP Palm and webOS, wherever it takes me...
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    Thanks AVhunter for taking the time to write a well written letter. I'm glad it was taken to an executive level, and didn't get brushed off. We as a community might just assume that the big shots at Sprint are blowing us off for whatever reason, but they may not even be aware of the way the community feels about this.

    A lot of times, these executive don't know how their average customer feels until it's brought to their attention (like with this letter). They are mostly focused on Sprint's bottom line, making profits & keeping shareholders happy. Sure maybe many of the Sprint store reps may hear about how we feel, & whatever Sprint employee manages their FB page, but I'm pretty sure none of this uproar was brought to the attention of execs; if it was, it probably wasn't taken seriously.

    Glad you wrote the letter & got to speak with someone. Hears to hoping that they do listen, and it gets taken more seriously.
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    Nice. But I think you mean "open letter," not "open ended letter."
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Again, I want to emphasize that I am not attacking you or criticizing your letter. I am all for community activism, even if it is not my community. My misgivings have nothing to do with the content of the letter, but the premise behind it.

    There seems to be a belief held by some that the decision makers at Sprint do not know critical information about the sentiments and motivations of their user base. I believe this to be extremely misguided. Sprint knows. They have recently had their Facebook paged spammed to within an inch of its life by angry Palm loyalists. They invited even more abuse with a survey to discover what OS their users think should be a priority. Believe me; they know.

    They also know things that we do not, such as, exactly how many Pres were sold, and how many are still in service. They know how many complaints it has generated. They know the repair and return rate. They know the ROI. They even know how many Pre users are likely to leave. After all, they didn't carry the Plus line either.

    They know these things directly from their users as well as their spreadsheets. But they also know them from HP. I reiterate, HP has professional liaisons and negotiators who know even more than we do about the situation. HP has an even stronger motivation to get their phones on carriers than you. If HP is not saying all that you have written, and more, to officials higher up than you can reach, then they are clownish, incompetent fools.

    Personally, I believe Sprint has already counted the cost of losing their remaining Palm loyalists. I suspect they will see a net gain as a result. Communities that are more troublesome than profitable do nothing good for the bottom line. Look at how much Verizon has to throw in for free just to move a few Palm units. Sprint can't afford that. Additionally, their incoming Android customers more than make up for lost Palm customers. Just my opinion.

    I am not suggesting you should discontinue your efforts. Star Trek was resurrected by a loyal fan base, after all. But, you should be realistic about what you are doing. You are not breaking new ground. You are not informing them of what they do not already know. And, no offense intended, you are not going to be more successful than the six-figure, salaried, hired guns at HP. If you are, that says a lot about HP, and it's not very good.

    To quote Sponge Bob, good luck with that.
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    I do not believe AV thinks he is breaking new ground by contacting Sprint with this letter as many of us already have, myself included. However to say it is basically pointless to contact them because someone already has or because they may already have the information is pretty unfounded. After all we are the consumers, the ones that pay their bills and ensure they have a paycheck every month. The louder the consumers are about what they want and the more voices heard gives a much larger impression then simply HP giving them a sales pitch on why they should carry their phones. Why would Sprint want to carry an HP phone if none of their customers are potential customers did not want it?

    Sprint is no position what so ever to happily sacrifice current postpaid subscribers and they need to find some sort of solution so they do not lose their Palm base. I do not see how Sprint giving up its Palm base will give them "a net gain as a result." Sprint is already dealing with its constant loss of iDEN customers and they need to take actions to keep subscribers while also continuing to add more. Ignoring their Palm base would be very counter productive to those goals.

    I also do not think comparing Sprint not carrying the newest line of HP phones to not carrying the Pre or Pixi Plus is pretty far fetched. When the Plus line came out Sprint's customers who had a Pre could not upgrade and it was not exactly a new phone. Sprint not carrying the new HP phones is a completely different story as the Plus was simply a very minor update to an existing phone.
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    That was a well written letter and I hope your phone call was truly productive. I am in your same boat though, if they do not carry the updated HP phones with webOS I will leave Sprint as well after many years. I have also written Sprint and received a phone call and I was not expecting any result from it, but I simply just wanted to be heard. I myself have been satisfied with Sprint's services and prices, but I would happily pay more to carry a phone that I actually want.

    Thanks for the continued updates and I say keep up the effort.
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    Awesome letter AVHunter, thanks for covering all of our concerns so thoroughly and with such a professional manner.

    I know people hate Sprint rumors, but I have a story from the other day. My dad who I convinced to get a Palm Pre just over a year ago, went in to his Sprint store on Monday to discuss an issue he's had with his headphone jack. He ended up talking to the manager for whatever reason and the manager still had his original Palm Pre as well. He was a huge webOS fan and said that he was the only one in the store that wasn't on an android phone. My dad expressed his concern over the down turn it seems webOS has taken and especially on Sprint. The manager told him that Palm is working on an HD phone that Sprint will carry this coming summer.

    I know, this summer, sounds like an awful long ways away. I was disappointed if that's the soonest new phone Sprint gets but its at least encouraging to know that Sprint is planning on getting new hardware. For now, I suggest you all do what I did and that is convert a Verizon or AT&T Pre Plus over to Sprint. It is not hard and wow does it ever perform better and snappier! I think it'll help me limp along until new hardware..
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