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    This thread should be a sticky. AV, overkill to post the same letter on Facebook?
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    @ dand
    At the most basic level, it makes me feel better that I crafted a fairly well written letter and sent it off to Sprint. Again, I will follow webOS wherever it takes me.

    @ adebo
    Thank you for your kind words, it seems like we are in the same boat and feel similarly about our current situation.

    @ KevM
    Good idea, I just may do that... I like the idea of pasting it on FB.

    Lets all keep our fingers crossed and wait for after CES...

    PS. got my unlocked Pre 2 yesterday... too bad I have a AT&T SIM in it right now!

    As always, I'll keep you guys up to date regarding Sprint and my letter.
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    I am a big proponent of consumer activism, and I love the spirit of what you are doing here. There are only two ways we can get through to the higher-up in the corporate world: one is through our spent dollars, and the other is through well directed communication.

    I will not be leaving Sprint anytime soon. I will switch phones before I switch carriers. But I still would love to have a webOS superphone on my favorite network.
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    Good job on the letter and on the phone call. Hope it works out for you. I'm sure whenever HP gets around to releasing nextgen webOS phones, (and they are as good as they are implying), the carriers will start snapping them up.
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    At the most basic level, it makes me feel better...
    At the most basic level, that is the only thing that matters. It was a fine letter.
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    My contract expires June 2011, I will leave Sprint if they do not carry a new webOS device.
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    This letter and the very idea behind it is, unfortunately, based on a pretty faulty premise.

    It's based on the idea that you'll leave Sprint for another US carrier that has announced they are carrying HP Palm's as-yet-unannounced "next gen" products or even the already-released Pre 2.

    There is no such carrier in the US. I guess you could switch to Verizon and wait for whenever "coming soon" is going to be "available now", but you don't when that will be any more than you know when HP Palm will announce their next devices or any more than you know when carriers will offer them.

    I appreciate the effort to present a classy and impassioned plea, but it's based on an ultimatum that makes no sense whatsoever. For all you know, Sprint will also be the first to carry the next HP Palm device in the US. If there's a lack of news, blame HP Palm...not Sprint.

    I can only imagine the head-scratching and/or frustration Sprint feels at having carried Palm for ages, endured their crappiest devices while other carriers get the improved versions, and not getting mobile hotspot apps and other sales incentives that Verizon got...yet their WebOS users are among the least appreciative.
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    Personally, I think the Plus line did more to damage Sprint-Palm relations than anything. Sprint was the official spear catcher for the Pre beta project. They should have been first in line for the upgraded phone, as they subsidized the beta.

    Palm not only put the improved phone on a different carrier, but made it exclusive. Palm publicly threw Sprint under the bus. That is a big no-no. SJ in all his arrogance, never said a disparaging word about AT&T in public. Ruby never learned that lesson.

    Now, Sprint has a new sugar daddy who treats her well. Things didn't work out for Palm with Verizon quite the way they expected. Now, they want to hook up with Sprint again. Sprint was still never able to get rid of its beta products and replace them with upgraded Plus models. On the other side, they have HTC giving them flowers and chocolates every day.

    Sprint will probably carry other Palm branded products, but the relationship will never be the same again. That ship has sailed.
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    I'm more likely to stay with Sprint unless a more attractive unlimited data & voice pricing plan is offered through another carrier. I can get used to a different phone OS easier than I can get used to paying more money for less service.
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