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    I see on here a lot all the problems that people have going into the Verizon store and getting a Pre Plus or just dealing with people that work at Verizon. So i just wanted to take a min and say Thanks to the people that work at our Verizon store in Cheyenne, Wy.
    I have had maybe two problems with people when i have been in there, but other then that its been amazing! I have dropped my pre on its head and broken the switch to make it vibrate.
    I finely gave up trying anything else, and went in to use my insurance to get a new one. I explained to the guy what happened and he said, well it really is an insurance thing (which i knew) but it is the season so i will send you a replacement under warranty!! I said really!?!?!?! He smiled and said yes, i will have a replacement pre on thrusday and i didnt have to pay anything out of pocket!
    Thanks Verizon Guy!
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    wow thats sweet lol, you should read my scenario i just posted
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    I have 5 family members on a Verizon family plan and have had very good experiences for the last 7 years. We have 4 Palm Smartphone users (3 Pre plus & 1 Pixi Plus) and one feature phone. I personally have had 4 Palm Phones over the years all with Verizon and must admit that I have never had a problem they couldn’t fix (Except for my GPS on webOS).

    The Tech at one of the two Verizon Stores we use is a Palm Pre enthusiast. She uses a Pre Plus as her daily driver and turned me on to Preware and patching. She opened up a new hobby venue for me and made me a Palm fan boy. The Sales people at both stores have never tried to sell us an Android phone and have always been helpful when upgrading or buying accessories.

    My experience with Verizon has overall been a positive one and the only issue I have had with Verizon has been around the GPS on webOS. The corporate handling of the webOS GPS by Verizon management has been very disappointing.
    In light of this, I would still like to thank Verizon from the bottom of my heart for their excellent customer service and care of my families communication needs for several years.

    Thank you Verizon!
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