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    My experience has always been top notch, but I understand about the cs problems they have had in the past. It's good to see the shoe on the other foot, and Sprint now leading the way with cs.
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    I am glad that people are acknowledging that. Sprint has been great every time I have had to talk to them.
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    This keeps shifting around between Sprint and ATT, wasn't that long ago Sprint had the worst but Dan Hesse got involved and fixed that FAST when they were bleeding subscriptions left and right.

    ATT is just complacent and doing the take it or leave it approach again.
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    And they did it without "Peggy" as a spokesman!
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    I'm not surprised by the article at all. That's one of the main reasons I wasn't sad to jump away from AT&T after 7 years of service - customer service went to pot. I've had great experience (as much as you can) with Sprint in comparison.

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