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    I read someone say that after a year into a Verizon 2 year contract you can renew early and have the new 2 year contract overlap/replace your current contract. I've been trying to find the post again but have been unsuccessful so I figured I'd post this to see if anyone else can shed some light on this of whether it's true or not or just some random promotion they will do sometimes.

    Anyone have any information on this?
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    it's true you can upgrade every year. Only thing is if you wait the full two years you get a credit. It's either 50 or 100 depending on your plan. So if you upgrade at 1 year you can get a phone for the subsidized 2 year contract price plus like 35 or 20 early activation fee. If you wait the full 2 you get the phone for the subsidized price plus 50 or 100 off with no 35 or 20 fee. At least thats what it was the at time I checked.
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    Does that apply to all lines or just for the primary line? I know the extra off at 2 years is only for the primary line. Does the early upgrade option apply to all lines on an account?
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    why not call verizon. Just asking
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    Quote Originally Posted by protofa View Post
    why not call verizon. Just asking
    It's always good to find out from other sources, especially customers that have used a service. The CS reps don't always know, or sometimes don't admit to knowing, about certain things that aren't overly utilized or well promoted to customers.
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    this is correct.

    at the rate vzw is going, by the time we upgrade to a new webos device on their network we'll be eligible for the 50-100 rebate as well...

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