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    Hey guys, i just bought a bell palm pre for 100$ and I need it unlocked so that it can work with telus. I've been searching, but have come up with nothing. What can i do here? I REALLY want to use it!
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    Haha yeah 70 views, no reply, just as i suspected....ITS NOT POSSIBLE!! nooooo! i don't want to have to change my service to bell! I have a corp. Telus account and I'm happy with it thus far.
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    Ya its pretty much impossible. Who ever told you that you can buy a CDMA phone and "unlock it" to work with other carriers is lying to you. If you really do want a pre you can always buy an unlocked pre2 from HP and just pop in a Telus sim card.
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    Possible, but not without a lot of hackery, which involves ESN changing and flashing. Also if you get caught by Telus using an unsupported phone, they WILL shut your account down, it's in your terms of service that this is considered abuse of their network. Canadian carriers are way more anal about these things, at least Bell and Telus are with their CDMA network.

    Your best option now is to trade it for an AT&T unit, then buy a SIM from Telus.
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    Ahhhhh new it! do you think anyone would do that? Trade?

    Im checking ebay and wow, they're super expensive. I really want to use these phonees the webOS looks amazing. Are there any other options? I currently have an htc touch pro...if I were to say, somehow take the esn from that phone over to my palm pre, it would work yeah?
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    Okay, I have done some research and apparently this may be illegal and might go against the rules of this website. Therefore, lets not talk about how to do it, but instead talk about the disadvantages. How would telus find out if i had my ESN swapped?

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