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    If only I could add all the discounts I am eligible for. 70% off sounds fair....
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    There is a 10% discount for members of credit unions, too.
    Quote Originally Posted by SJS1979 View Post
    You can go to the CU Saver website or call 877-728-3428 to request your discount. Members of Credit Unions also get discounts on phones. This department often runs promos (i.e. free car charger, etc). It applies to existing and new Sprint Nextel customers. It's worth checking out!
    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    When I got my Pre they gave me a 19% discount for being a university student. I think it's under EVP, but it shows up as Employee Discount Sprint 19% on my bill...
    I updated the opening post with your information.


    - Craig
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    On a serious note anyone working in the construction field can get 18% off. Contractors get 18% of doesnt matter who you work for or if you are self employed.
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    A couple of reminders...

    Do not post that you are getting an illegal discount.

    Do not post a suggestion that others commit fraud.

    Count this as the official warning. Please review the Forum Guidelines.

    Even if you are not a student, teacher, or government, corporate, or contract worker, you can still get a 10% discount. Call the number for the credit unions. It may require setting up a $20 savings account.

    Happy Holidays!

    - Craig
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    I did not mean to scare anyone off...

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by bodyshop View Post
    which company offers 23%

    my mom works in a nursing home.

    I believe its 23% for working in health care.
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    Does anyone know if there are similar discounts for ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, or US Cellular that are available to everyone?

    Would you document the number to call and the website?

    - Craig
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    wow, i know i can get a 15% discount w/ verizon through my job, but the closest plan would still be more expensive than my non-discounted sprint plan. apparently, I only get a 5% discount with sprint, but $ saved is $ saved!

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    Cool thread!
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    I also get 23% discount through my job! That's one of the reason why it would be hard for me leave Sprint!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bodyshop View Post
    which company offers 23%
    I work for Kaiser Permanente and I have a 23% discount with them.
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    To keep my credit union membership, I have to keep $5 in savings. Well worth getting almost $20 off my Sprint bill each month.

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    23 percent off from VMA -Medical
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