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    with the upcoming Pre 2, please include the following:

    The NFL app that sprint was using on it's pre's, and that you have included on all the other smartphone platforms on your network except webOS

    Access to "My Verizon" app so we can access our account info, something you include on EVERY phone, dumb and smart, on your network except webOS

    True GPS support, without bugs and lockdowns or whatever you or palm are doing to the gps chip on the pluses on your network

    Please make sure there is no double/triple and missed letter bug on
    the keyboard with the release of the phone this time, like you did with the pre pluses before 1.4.1. Vzw, you guys supposedly test all the phones thoroughly on your network for
    "security" issues, how about testing the actual use of this device so this doesn't pop up?

    Continue the great pricing you have for the touchstone package that you have been offering over the past few months.

    Release the device at reasonable pricing, $150 or less, and offer a promo for all current pre plus users to upgrade early, similar to what you do with many of your droids, windows mobile, and blackberry devices around the holidays

    Continue the free mobile hot spot feature to differentiate the pre 2 from all the "cooler" droid devices and use it
    as a selling point.

    Include the webOS devices in your upcoming "unlimited" price plans similar to sprints. Perhaps also offer discounted pricing on the phones to
    sprint customers stuck with the pre minus to maybe lure them over to your network.

    Include the pre 2 as part of your pre paid plans as well.

    I know you likely will not be advertising this phone much, but if you do include it to advertise your network overall, don't advertise it to mommy's only.

    And finally, please consider other hp palm phones in your roadmap of devices as well, as there are some that think the device is either too similar to the pre plus or prefer other form factors but enjoy the webOS platform. Not everyone wants an android phone!

    Thank you for your time.
    Look forward to figuring out a way to upgrade early to the pre 2.
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    You lost me at NFL and My Verizon but got me back at GPS. The first two can be patched away, I suppose.
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    how do you patch the nfl app to vzw phones???
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    Dear Verizon, from another webOS user on your network...
    While I have been a user of your mobile carrier services and have had several Palm devices over the years, I fail to understand how you as a company can ignore a segment of your client base by continuing to ignore our cries for help. Many of the points that the Original Poster made are legitimate concerns of your webOS user community and have been brought to your attention by many of us in several ways both at a local level and at a corporate level. Your previous response to these issues has been to deny the existence of a problem or simply to ignore our questions.

    I for one have made numerous posts on your customer service board only to get responses that offered no solution to my problems. I even filed a grievance with the FCC over the webOS GPS issue, only to receive a letter from you stating that Verizon did not support third party GPS applications. Your attention to webOS community has not been that of a corporation who cares about its customers.

    O.P. Nice effort but based on my experience with Verizon, I am afraid that you plea will fall of deaf ears.
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    sketch42 has a spec sheet and says the nfl app is N/A for the pre 2. we go again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    how do you patch the nfl app to vzw phones???
    ...doesn't want them... Patched away = hidden
    -- VZW Pre+ -- Uberk/Gov fixed @ 1ghz -- QPST gps mod -- stock battery (?mugen 3800?) --
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    ah...i thought there was a way to to patch it so that it works.
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    NFL mobile, absolutely disgraceful for VZW to provide this for their beloved "droid" and blackberry phones before webos (no development time or cost since it already existed on Sprint).

    my verizon, again a disgrace, webos is the only platform without it.

    with limited bandwidth plans MHS should be free for everyone. VZW shouldn't care how or how fast the allotment is used up if they are going to limit it.
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    seriously, I don't understand the "business" reason not to include the nfl app. It just boggles my mind. Especially when you consider that it has already been on webOS.

    vzw has the best network in terms of call reliabilty, which has led to their big customer base, including me. But some of their business decisions just seem odd. What do they have to lose by including the nfl app???
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    dear verizon:

    don't run ads targeting busy moms.
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    I covered that in my letter too

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