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    My pre, as well as my bf's htc hero are having issues at the very moment.

    By issues, I mean, with service not the device problems.

    Data is working just fine - however, we cannot make or receive any phone calls. All you get is just a busy signal. (This, including when I tried to call Sprint cust care, figured maybe that would work since it would be "in network" call)

    Yes, I tried rebooting the phone, which I know will be the first thing I'll be told to do. Nope, still nothing! I just wondered if this is just us, or if it's just this particular region (Southeast Wisconsin - milwaukee to be exact), or if this is happening to everyone in sprint network.

    .... and because I'm sad and desperate, I even tried to get their attention on twitter (twitter id's, @sprint and @sprintcare) and still no luck. There is nothing "helpful" on their FAQ/trouble shoot area on their customer care website.

    Anyways, I just want to know if I'm all alone on this one.
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    Having the same issues here in Wisconsin...

    All of our cell phones at the plant happen to be sprint no good
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    no issues here in mass.
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    No issues today in WA on Sprint.
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    seemed to notice some sort of outage today in NorCal.. About 4:20 - 5:00 or so...
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    Ok, quick update - according to their twitter, they are having a "national outage" though I'm suspecting it's more of Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin issue.

    All the "complains" I see on twitter and their facebook page seem to be coming from folks in WI. And.. here's a little "gem" I found: Visualized: Sprint's Wisconsin outage prompts primitive warning system -- Engadget

    .. and thanks for the replies everyone
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    Trouble with Sprint data here on Maui today???
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    It was down here in Chicago until about 9:30pm Central.
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    Had zero problems in East TN
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    I had one email that wouldn't send over 3G, but the glitch only lasted a few minutes.
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    Been getting a lot of 1x in 5 bar areas.
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    My wife's Centro and daughter's LG Rumour Touch phones were both having issues making calls/texting intermittently throughout the day (11/12) and my Pre had no issues
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    No problems in the Cleveland area

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    I haven't use my phone for calling in a while... pretty much text and data connection. However, just check and it seems to be working fine here.
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    no problems in SE Michigan. my girlfriend though, who lives near Ottawa ON, has the issue where data works, but no phone. it started this morning. she has an iPhone though, and i'm not sure of who her carrier is.

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