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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    Blame Verizon.
    If that were the case, wouldn't Rogers be already selling it in Canada?

    So is it really VZ's fault then? We have seen pics of the Pre 2 box for Rogers and the dummy units. I'm not defending VZ but it doesn't make sense why Rogers wouldn't be selling it right now.
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    I really dont think HP/Palm is pushing the Pre 2 in the U.S. for the exact reason we've all been complaining about. We've been the loyalist Palm users and they dont want to sell us something when they have plans to release bigger better devices next year. They are releasing the Pre 2 unlocked on HPs site if you REALLY want it. But I'm sure they understand that if consumers get into another two year contract with a carrier that they will be more hesitant to upgrade before their upgrade time. I understand the reason not to push the Pre 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    (Current schedule for whining)

    Today through Verizon Pre2 launch:
    - When is the Pre2 coming to Verizon?
    - Why is Verizon not marketing the Pre2?
    - Why is Palm being so quiet?

    VZW Pre2 Launch to CES 2011:
    - Why can't I watch Hulu on my Pre2 with Flash?
    - When is Palm going to release 2.0 for us Pre/Plus users?
    - If Palm doesn't make a (insert form factor here) device, I'm leaving forever!
    - Palm is doomed. They are going to fail.

    CES to first release of new webOS device:
    - Why is it taking so long for Palm to release the (insert device name here)?
    - Why haven't us Pre/Plus users got 2.0 yet?
    - CES was disappointing! Palm's going to fail!
    - Those devices announced at CES are already behind the curve.
    - When is Palm going to stop playing "catch up" and make a phone better than any out there?

    First release of CES device and onwards:
    - To be announced

    These guidelines are not set in stone. WebOS users reserve the right to make modifications at will.

    Also, we'll be having guest speakers from AndroidCentral that will come in and randomly bash the Pre/webOS/Palm/HP to add a bit of spice to the mix.
    There are not enough "HAHA's" for this.
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    still vzw's fault.

    even if new products are announced at ces and mwc, they still won't be released on vzw right away. The pre 2 is all vzw customers will have (maybe pixi 2 also) for atleast 6 months.
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