I still have my Sprint Pre from October last year. After a few refurbs, it now holds up quite nicely.

I wasn't very impressed with the Pre 2 spec-wise. The ram is no better than the plus, meaning it's WebOS 2.0 that is truly bringing the slickness. The processor may be better, but if I had an overclocked Plus in my hands, I'm sure it would run just as smooth as a Pre 2 once it has 2.0 installed. It may just run a bit hotter.

That said, I have no desire for the same old setup. You really don't need new hardware when the old is just fine. It's like my friends with 3GS's that won't upgrade to the iPhone 4. It only brings a couple hardware goodies that aren't make or break vs the 3GS.

Nothing against the Pre 2 and all. It's only lackluster because the merger slowed down the release schedule of their roadmap.

I'll wait and see about CES myself. A few hundred PreCentral members won't make a difference to Sprint.

It's like saying 'my independent vote counts' when voting on election day. Pointless.