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    I know it's great to trash Verizon for the GPS issue, but I had a positive experience that I had to share...

    The door covering the USB connector on my Pre Plus came out because the little plastic holder inside snapped in two. After hearing about many failed attempts at getting Verizon to replace it under warranty, I was dubious when I contacted customer service.

    I told the representative that didn't think that it was covered. She checked and said that it wasn't on her list of situation that would violate the warranty. They overnighted a refurbished unit and a sticker to send the old one back at their expense.

    It looks like they replaced the flimsy plastic holder with a more rugged one. The advantage is that I doubt that it will break like the other one. The disadvantage is that the cover does not close flush on one side because of it.

    I had a problem with a problematic "r" key on my old unit. The newer keyboard is less stiff and more responsive than the old one and all of the letters seem to work.

    It looks like Palm has been doing small changes quietly like they have with the old Treo line. The screen is a bit brighter and higher contrast (the blacks are pretty near black on the new phone).

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    It is great to hear some positive posts about Verizon. I must say that the lady tech at my Verizon store that carries a Palm Pre Plus as her personal phone is one of the most knowledgeable on webOS that I have seen. She was the one who steered me toward GPS Fix and BFG Maps.
    My pre Plus has never given me any hardware issues and the only reason I see her is that we keep changing our family account and need to go in and have phones activated or swap one phone out for another.
    I have had my problems with Verizon on the GPS issue but this was on a higher level than the local store.
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