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    Does anyone know if the Pixi Plus or Pre Plus 1 year warranties are transferable if you purchase the device used within the warranty period?
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    I think its a manufacturers warranty at that point and you would have to contact palm
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    Not sure about any verizon warrantees, but i believe the 1 year palm warrantee only covers the original owner.
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    the carrier will provide warranty for 1 year from original activation. I bought used phones on vzw and at&t with no problem. After 1 year, warranty is gone.
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    Verizon does not consider warranties transferrable, so the answer to your question is no.

    And yes, I've had them deny me even with Total Equipment Coverage on my account.

    Your best bet if that happens is to call customer service and have them reverse the decision, they can drop-ship a replacement phone even if the store can't track it back to your account. - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage

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