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    I own a Palm Pre Plus and love it, but have the option to get any Verizon Wireless device free of charge as a result of my employer switching our plans to a corporate one. My thought was to get a different device for situations where I don't want to risk my beloved Pre, and switch between them frequently (a few times a week).

    I've read elsewhere that the process is fairly easy on most phones - dial *228, select option 3, end mobile #, enter last 4 of social. Seems simple enough to do whenever. But I am mostly concerned how the Pre will react to becoming deactivated...will it force me through the initial setup again? Will I stay logged into my Palm Profile? Has anyone tried this with a Pre?
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    anything that requires adding a data plan will force you to call cust service. I don't know if that is true when switching between phones that already have data plans.

    either way, it's a 2 minute call to cust service to switch between phones, and they don't charge for it.

    there is also the metadoctor that lets you bypass activation.

    my suggestion is that you call vzw and switch, and see what happens to your pre. I doubt it would log you out... if it does, switch back until you can figure out metadoctor.
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    Once you have a VZ account setup with a data package, you can just
    login to your VZ account on the internet, enter the new MEID you want to
    use, and Viola! the old phone is dead and the new one is alive. Zero hassles.
    Never have to bother Customer Service with it. I do it for the same reasons you mention, plus with all the HomeBrew stuff here, you can use WiFi on the dead phone and still do many things that don't require 3G connect. Install Preware thru WiFi and then you can experiment with overclocking and other
    fun programs you can get now.
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    The process wala0003 described is correct, but you no longer need to chose the hidden Option 3. Choosing Option 1 is now the way to do it.

    Your Palm Profile is not affected by swapping devices. You can continue using your Pre/Pixi over Wi-Fi. The only time you need it activated is after a factory data reset (and even then you can use one of many hacks to provision your Palm Profile over Wi-Fi too). - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage

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