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    The only thing im not looking forward to is the extra $10 a month for 4g. I'm fine with 3g.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clintwinstead View Post
    I want one of our Homebrew gurus to port webOS to the EVO. That would be an instant dream device. Then HPalm & Sprint could go bump themselves.
    There is no gesture area on the Evo...but I guess with the right programing, someone could delegate part of the massive screen to being a "gesture area". Either way, the Evo is too big.
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    I am pretty sure that Sprint will come out with a new webos phone, it just probably wont be pre2 or pixi2 (if one exists). However I think they should offer all of them, give people choice. What if the only new webos phone sprint will carry is some new slab phone with no physical qwerty, that would suck. Some peeps need a physical qwerty.

    That I noticed is a problem with sprint, they put all their eggs in one basket. Example touchscreen dumb phones, while other carriers offered a bunch of them, sprint only had the instinct and its multiple incarnations of. another example the EVO, why cant sprint get any other nice slab android phones. i mean come on verizon has like 2-3 (incredible, droidx, and???). There are some other examples i cannot really think of right now. Help anyone?

    some segments where sprint does give lots of choices,

    - Low end android phones (intercept, transform, moment(kinda) sanyo zio and the lg phone coming out).(i cant believe they are still selling hero)
    - dumbphone qwerty sliders (landscape and portrait) (rant, rumors, reclaim, remarq, restore, seek, exclaim etc.)
    -qwerty flip (lotus, lotus elite, blackberry style)
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    I was just speaking to a Sprint Rep who had recently spoken to a Palm Rep.

    Expect a new webOS device from Sprint in December.

    I somehow doubt it will be the PrPrPr&#$275$;$2$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Am I the only one who doesn't care?

    When I need/want a new phone, I'll pick whatever one suits my needs and preferences and I don't care if it's a Palm.
    Somewhat agree. I do want my next phone to have WebOS on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by activedodger View Post
    That was too funny! I know Sprint will come out with a new Palm device but I want the Pre 2 NOW!! It is not fair that they used Sprint customers as Beta testers when the Pre was initially released. We went through it all and is this, the thanks we get? I get a yearly option to buy a new phone and would like to use this option for the Pre 2 and next year, I can buy what new hardware they have in stock. Is that too much to ask?
    Like has been said, look at it from Sprint's perspective. The Pre gave them a black eye. Why would they take the risk and be a beta tester again?

    What if the same thing happens with the Pre 2? Then what would your comment be?

    Quote Originally Posted by preryan View Post
    Forgive my ignorance. Wasn't the Pre the best selling Sprint phone before the Evo? It might have stayed that way if not for the horrific amount of returns for poor build quality and/or some good advertising. If the Pre 2 is well made and has similar specs to other current smartphones there is no reason it cannot make money for Sprint. Verizon has sold a lot less Pres and is the largest US carrier. Why are they willing to make that "mistake" twice especially since the Pre Plus is closer to the Pre 2 specs than the Sprint Pre? If Sprint is so interested in investing in "phones that will help them make money" then explain the Nextel debacle.

    The bold area is extremely significant.

    The Nextel debacle?
    So because a company makes a stupid move which didn't really seem like a dumb one until after the fact... they should what continue to make dumb moves or something?

    That just doesn't make sense.
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