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    VerizonWireless launches the LTE Innovation Center website where you can find interesting information, about what LTE means for you, experience LTE, and about the Verizon Wireless LTE Network.

    Verizon is launching the first LTE 4G networks in the Americas.

    Here in Ecuador, South America, we have had experience in 3G with BellSouth, US and have with Telefónica Movistar, Spain,and America Móvil, México.

    I hope Verizon shows some love for South Americans too, and come and invest in our countries, in LTE 4G networks. You will be very welcome.

    But please come with Palm webOS LTE 4G devices. We have good memories of Palm OS Treos for enterprise. Companies still using Palm PDA devices for their sales force, as well, and hope to make a change with Palm webOS.

    I am excited of these news there and congratulate Verizon for the big step they are taking to keep moving forward, according to this times technologies.

    I hope you enjoy this video and the related video below.


    Some pics:
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