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    I posted this response in the 'Palm on Sprint Pre2: Ask Sprint' article and would like some 'TRUE' opinions out there from Sprint users. Be honest on your thoughts and not upset on being passed on refreshed hardware. Here's my comment so you don't have to look through all the pages........

    Why is everyone jumping on Sprint??? I understand that the Pre2 is being finally released (6 months too late) but I'm sorta on Sprints side on standing firm for possibly a better device than a refreshed Pre. Sprints main focus is 4g!!! So Sprint to do it's Palm pre/Pixi faithful some justice a refresh doesn't do it....a kick azz 4g multitasking, card staking, bigger screen (hopfully) phone is what will make us (yes us ... I'm a Sprint launch day user) happy. There has already being post that most of you Pre users will wait for CES annoucements for the future form factors. I think then we should jump all over and into Sprint **** if they don't carry the new form factors. As for right now me.. HPalm is just trying to grab new users and some eyebrows perked up for CES form factor releases. Just my opinion and if true that Sprint is holding out for the super phone then I'll wait. My almost 2yr old phone is still rockin hard ballz (as long as hombrew lives) and will hold me until a TRUE reason to update to the next gen phone instead of getting upset that we were passed (again) for 'refreshed' hardware.
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    Well, I think it's worth letting Sprint know that we're interested in new webOS phones. Whether it's the Pre 2 or something else depends on personal taste and what/when the "else" is.

    But I actually do agree that my Pre is holding up pretty well (especially with the overclock kernel), and I'm not really in a big rush to upgrade. I am anxious to see webOS 2.0 on my Pre however!!
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    I just don't want to be forced to pay an extra 10 bucks a month for something I don't want or need. That's close to a 20 percent increase on my bill. The PrPrPr&#$275$; $rocks$ $and$ $I$'$d$ $be$ $happy$ $if$ $I$ $could$ $just$ $have$ $it$ $a$ $little$ $faster$ $and$ $maybe$ $some$ $more$ $memory$ $like$ $the$ $Verizon$ $Pr$&#$275$;.

    But an extra ten bucks forced on me might have me looking at other carriers if they offer a PrPrPr&#$275$; $2$.
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    I jumped on Sprint from AT&T for the Pre and haven't looked back. I had Sprint years ago and swore I'd never come back because I dropped calls all the time. But 'never' is a long time and I love it now. People are getting all excited because they think Sprint isn't going to get new webOS devices, but that's a premature assumption. Palm and Sprint have a long relationship and Sprint will get new devices. Will they get/want the Pre2? Who knows. I'm a lot more excited about what comes around in the Spring.

    In the end... these are just carriers. People with jump from one to another throughout their lives. Whoever offers the best deal and hardware will get business, until another carrier offers another package. Back and forth is the nature of the business.
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    I'm certain sprint doesn't want to sell the pre2 because it doesn't have WiMax. It's a shame. They could have had me on a renewal had they offered it. Now when my contract is up, I will be looking elsewhere.
    They converted me from a happy, loyal customer to one who is shopping around. Good Job.
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    I‘m a huge Sprint fan, simply because their rates are very good, with unlimited data / texting, etc. I have 5 lines in my house, and even with 2 phones paying $10 for premium data, it‘s still cheaper than anything I could find from Verizon or (god forbid) AT&T.
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    Sprint just released Android phones that aren't 4G. I don't think that's the problem. Rather, that the Pre didn't perform how they wanted it to and the Pre 2 doesn't look much better.
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    @hellownnnewman people are getting excited, because the norm for a smartphone hardware refresh on a carrier has become 12 months or less. That's why we forgave not getting plus versions when they went to other carriers, but now, we all got ants in our pants!
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    I understand the point... but it carrier-jumping will happen all the time... whether new equipment is released or not. Grass is always greener - but so far webOS users have held on because we love the OS and know something cool is a-commin'
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    in a couple years, we'll want a new device every quarter
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    12+ yrs with Sprint because it's the best coverage/reliability/rate in my area. Hardware is and always has been secondary to me (that explains the HTC Mogul with WinMo!?!?). That being said, I am anxious to see and compare the Pre2 to the HP/Palm phones to be announced in the near future. Personally, I believe some (not all) people use mobile phones as fashion statements, as much as, if not more than, for productivity & connectivity.

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    Let's hope for the best

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    Why does everyone phrase the question as an either/or? Why can't Sprint offer me a choice of all/any webOS phone Palm makes?

    Sprint, offer the Pre2, mansion, C40 and whatever Palm makes. You offer Andriod users their choice; why diss us?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAlbert View Post
    Personally, I believe some (not all) people use mobile phones as fashion statements
    hell yeah!
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    If the Pre+ had been made available on Sprint, I think most of us wouldn't be quite as annoyed.
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    Speaking for myself, I'm just not very interested in a "super phone." I like the pre's keyboard, and the fact that it fits in my pocket, and I don't want or need a front-phone, a huge screen, or etc. I just wouldn't want t buy an EVO-type Pre.

    That's why I'm angry that Sprint has passed over the Pre2.
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    I would love to see what happen.. When, or if Sprint announce that they will be carrying the Pre2.
    Sprint has come from a long way from Omnipoint, since I've been with them, they might not be the best, but they are one of the three top major phone companies in the United States.
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    As I said in another thread, I will wait until Jan CES then I will decide. I don't really care about Pre 2, but WebOS is another thing entirely.

    If HP comes out with the real new phone, and Sprint is not on board, this 10+ year customer will probably jump ship.

    T-Mobile is offering about the same pricing now.

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    Sorry I just read the header op.
    Buy if you mean actually pouncing on the person responsable for not getting the pre2 to Sprint 1st...then YES!
    TOTALLY worth it.
    just being a jack.
    my pre is over a yr old(orig.)
    I don't want vorizon and I don't want android.
    I want my webos 2.o.
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    I bet if HP/Palm integrated 4G support, Sprint would be all over it.
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