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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetum View Post
    I bet if HP/Palm integrated 4G support, Sprint would be all over it.
    Well of course, then they can eventually charge everyone on the carrier an extra $10 whether they have 4G or not and whether they want to use it or no (since the radio drinks your battery for breakfast). And then they'll bleed out even more customers to Verizon.
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    in a couple years, we'll want a new device every quarter
    You know I'm tired of this argument. Everyone knows that the Pre Minus hardware is not stellar and prone to several types of failure. The longer we wait for a new phone, the greater the chance that we will not be able to get replacement Pre phones when ours fail. There have already been stories on the forums of people not being able to get broken Pre phones replaced or having to wait while refurbished supplies are replenished.

    Soon it will not be a question of wanting new hardware, if we are going to have webOS devices on Sprint, we will NEED new hardware because there won't be any old stuff left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    Im a huge Sprint fan, simply because their rates are very good, with unlimited data / texting, etc. I have 5 lines in my house, and even with 2 phones paying $10 for premium data, its still cheaper than anything I could find from Verizon or (god forbid) AT&T.
    Another huge Sprint fan here, for their great rates. Love them, love their NYC coverage, and! I love their customer service. I know they have a bad rap re: their CS, but i have never found that to be the case, and I've been with them for 10 years.

    Verizon = way too expensive
    ATT can take their iPhone and it's crappy service and shove it.
    Tmobile doesn't offer me anything Sprint doesn't in any aspect.
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