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    Sprint | Facebook Hit it up let them know that we want Palm phones...
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    Its exploded... lol
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    lol, sprint is getting pwnd right now. After i spoke they have now choice but to bring us a great Palm phone immediately.

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    Come on Sprint last chance or im out...
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    I think they will hear the call, hopefully it's not limited to the Pre2 when/if they decide to continue the relationship with Palm/HP.

    Loyal Sprint Pre'rs deserve the new superphone rather than a limited spec bump after the Pre+ and the Pre2 crap.
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    I posted on Sprint's Facebook page. I explained that why I came to Sprint in the first place was when they first started offering Palm products. Everyone else gets better coverage. I am often the only one with no service. But I had a Palm.

    Now my option is to go to a company that actually has coverage and the Pre 2.

    - Craig

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