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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    lol...Relax guys... The only things that we are truly missing is Skype, 5 MP Cam and a glass screen. As far as the 1GHZ goes.....You know the story about that one. We have some amazing devs here too. We've being running at 1ghz for about 5 months and counting now. This isnt new to us. Super device next year anyone???

    Now, wipe the tears and lets have a PARRRRRRRRTAYYYYYY!
    Well just remember the longer you run your device at 1ghz, the less time you have left on your Pre. It didn't seem like a big deal when we thought for sure that Sprint was getting a new device in the relative future. With the news today especially Palm's statement regarding Sprint, it looks like it could be awhile. I myself now need to make sure my Pre will last at least another 6-9 months. I'd hate to switch to android but I might have to to and resign myself to enjoying webos on a tablet as opposed to my phone. There is no way I'm switching to Verizon. I'm actually more worried whether my keyboard will make it that long as opposed to my OC'd processor.
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    It's EXTREMELY frustrating to hear Sprint has been left out. I'm not moving carriers (nobody can touch Sprint for price/value) but I don't want to leave WebOS either. In fact, I've been waiting to see what the WebOS tablet will look like before I ditch my boat anchor laptop and decide what I'll replace it with.

    Come on HP... show us Sprint users some lovin'!
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    damn some of your sprint people are like a bunch of babies just wait till CES then complain if there is no new sprint phone
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    what did Palm say about sprint? I gotta say I'm not happy that sprint won't be getting this for a while... I have babied my pre and now have a crack at the usb door spreading to the screen. I am waiting to add my wife to my sprint plan to get the new web os device and now I'm apparently waiting even longer. I gotta say I'm considering a windows phone 7 device if that hits sprint sooner than the pre2...
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    The only Palm/HP phone you will see on Sprint will be 4G. ...and that will be next year sometime, I'd guess.

    But, I was just thinking, my OC'd, Patched & Themed Pre is meeting my needs nicely right now. (although, the Epic was/is temptiing) I'll most likely hang in there and see what the new year brings.
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    Hasn't Sprint always been the 1st in the states to get Palm phones? Weird they're getting left out on this one. Maybe they didn't want it? I doubt i was gonna get a Pre2 anyway...I mean it's the same phone with just the updated OS, the only thing I've really hated about the pre was the phone itself, so to get the same phone just for the updated OS seems foolish to me when I can wait for something "new" next I don't wanna waste a phone upgrade for the same thing.
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    ROFL... Guys, I was just on Sprint's Facebook, and their is being hit hard with posts... Man we have some angry birds out there, including myself. I left my comment. Now everyone leave yours >> Sprint | Facebook
    Cingular 3125 --> Samsung Instink! --> Palm Pre --> ???
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    Patience people, I'm a Launch Day Pre owner, and I'm anxious for a new Web OS device but like kel101 just said, wait til CES before we can complain.
    I want a bigger screen, different form factor, 4G, you know Palm isn't going to let Sprint down.
    I just want to see 2.0 out ASAP.
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    Now then.... January or Bust...
    "I will go in this way, but I'll find my own way out." -DMB

    Dear Lord,
    Please grant me the ability to punch people in the face over standard TCP/IP.
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    and yet, there is 'hope' eternal:
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    My name is TreoRock and I'm a Pre-holic on the Sprint Network and I'm so happy that the Pre 2 will come out exclusively to Sprint! Wow, I'm really happy!!!!
    [Verizon: Sorry Dude, you heard that wrong... It's us who are getting it exclusively]

    What?? No... No.. you are kidding me.... Right? Hey, guys this is only a joke right? Come on... stop now... you know we've been waiting for the longest time.... Hello? Hello????

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    I want a bigger screen, different form factor, 4G, you know Palm isn't going to let Sprint down.
    Some of us don't care about those things. I, in particular, don't really want a 4G phone simply because I don't want to be gouged an extra $10 a month just for the privilege of downloading faster in certain supported areas of the country. I like the Pre's form factor, and I think the screen size is perfectly fine.

    The Pre2 fixes all the issues I have with my current hardware and I would be more than happy to buy one if Sprint had made it available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Meh... I dont really care. If or when it comes to Sprint it will only be a short wait until CES. Now if they say at CES that the new Pre 4billion releases 2nd quarter 2011.... bail.
    "I will go in this way, but I'll find my own way out." -DMB

    Dear Lord,
    Please grant me the ability to punch people in the face over standard TCP/IP.
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    I agree, I don't need a bigger screen or 4g, just a phone that is a bit faster and doesn't freeze up and not work half the time.
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    I email Hesse earlier today, expressing my concern that Sprint is not going to carry the Pre 2, and stating that I wanted to know their plans for future phones. FWIW, I received the following response:

    Thank you for contacting I understand your concerns
    surrounding Sprint’s variety of HP/Palm devices. I would like to discuss
    your concerns however your email did not include your Sprint telephone
    number. If you would please provide your Sprint telephone number or an
    alternate contact number coupled with a specific time that is best to
    contact you, I will be more than happy to assist you with any concerns.

    I look forward to speaking with you and addressing your concerns. My
    direct contact number is 757-223-3773, Tuesday through Friday from
    8:00am – 6:00pm EST and Saturday from 8:00am – 12:00pm EST or you may
    respond to this email.

    Thank you for choosing Sprint. I value your business and appreciate the
    opportunity to address your concerns.
    Not exactl a form letter. I will see what more they have to say tomorrow.
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    I'm soooo pi$$$ed!!!
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    I feel sorry for whoever has to check Sprints FB page in the morning. People are still ripping on their wall about the Pre 2. I can't blame them though, we need new hardware; not now, but right now!
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    I'm <mad> because my phone is just getting worn down... I am a heavy user and a day one adopter. My only Sprint choice is to lock into a contract with a new Pre-. I Just don't see the logic in that. If my phone breaks I'm out.
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    What is this? Thread limbo?
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