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    I visited my local authorized Sprint Repair facility today in an effort to have my Pre replaced under the ERP since the touchscreen was acting as if it had a mind of its own. The repair guy took a look at the chuck of plastic that was missing around the USB port and gave me the line that the physical damage would prevent him from giving me a zero deductible replacement and said I could submit a claim with Assurian and pay the $100.

    But...then he almost whispered that if I could hold out until the first week of Nov, that the policy was changing and that he would be able to replace it for free then. He said that even though the physical damage might be unrelated to the touchscreen problem, he is prevented now from replacing it. He said he is tired of having to tell folks he can't replace their phone in cases like that, and he is really glad they are changing their policy.

    So...I'll hold off for another 3 weeks to pick a free replacement, likely refurb) , and then hopefully upgrade to the Pre 2 when it comes out shortly thereafter.
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    I'm talking about the ERP plan for which I pay a monthly premium. The thead you referenced would apply only within the warranty period.
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    Yep! Completely different. The Sprint ERP or TEP is an insurance plan for your phone.
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    Good to hear Sprint is finally changing that dumb rule! Thanks for the tip!
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    The screws fell out of my son's phone and consequently the slider came apart. The Sprint store rep tried to tell me I needed to send the phone in for TEP and pay the deductible. She finally agreed that if the screws fell out it was a warranty item and they fixed it in the store. Unfortunately, now the WIFI signal is real weak. I suspect the antenna is loose...maybe because it came apart, maybe during the fix. I dread having to go back there again.
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    I wonder if this constitutes a change of a plan and allows for an early withdrawl from your plan?
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    Went back to the Sprint Repair store and got a fr eereplacement as promised...sweet!
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    i had a phone replaced for free by sprint 2 weeks ago. He was suppose to charge me 100 deductible but he said to me ,dont worry about it,just come to this store for all yr sprint needs,,,i said ok. I like that.
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    I have never had a Sprint rep give me a hard time about the problem you mentioned. But it is a good thing that they are changing their official policy.

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    What exactly was changed about the Total Equipment Protection plan that allowed them (the sprint people) to exchange your phone? I'd like to know if I can get my pre exchanged, since every time I have tried, I didn't because the Sprint people wanted me to go through Asurion.

    (My USB door fell off, a crack appeared, and is now almost to the silver button in the gesture area, among other things...)
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    That should be covered under the new changes for free under TEP with no deductible.
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    all sprint phones are coverd for a year from time of original activation. People paying 7 dollars a month,,that will now be a normal extended warenty plan. Within the year,you can have repairs and if needed,replaced with out paying. If it's over a yr,even if you take it in for a minor repair,,u will have to pay a one hundred dollars unless you pay for the extended warenty,in which case it will still be no charge for repair or replace if needed. It's all stated clearly on phonenews website.
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    So your saying that if I've had my phone for 18 months, but it's messed up, speaker doesn't work, screen crack from battery door, I can have it replaced for free! sprint wouldn't even replace it before not even with asurion because it had physical damage. Im def testing this theory out...
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    18 months is over a year,,no can have for free,unless you pay for the extended warrenty
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    I can confirm, if you pay the $7 a month Total Equipment Protection plan physical damage is covered. I took mine in this afternoon, cracked screen from the charge port, several good nicks from dropping it, the volume buttons are missing, and the power button it proped together with a sliver of plastic from an old credit card.

    They ordered a new one, are having it shipped to the repair center, and will copy my USB portion over for me before doing a wipe. The lady at the counter giggled and said I'm on my own reinstalling Preware however.

    Zero cost if you have TEP for physical damage, 13 month old Pre.
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    Going for my 13th Pre today.
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    Yay... Sprint ~ I love you again, oops! I almost forget > I'm still mad at you for "allegedly" pass on the pre 2.
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    I can finally get my pre replaced? Hooray!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPre View Post
    Going for my 13th Pre today.
    OMG! 13th Pre? A little rough on your phones?? I'm still on my launch day Pre!

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