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    Hello everyone,
    I have been trying to flash my phone that I got off Ebay by following this guide to switch to Cricket (, however I have ran into a few problems.

    I have followed each step on the guide by word. I was able to bypass activation, set it dev mode, to "root it" and after loading Qxmd/Qpst/CDMA workshop, none of those programs recognize my phone.

    *The guide states that if I use any other version newer than webos1.03. the procedure would not work.. The phone is currently running webos 1.4 and trying to find an older version is difficult, I have looked everywhere without any luck.

    Would any of you would be kind to tell me what to do?

    PS. This is my first experience trying to flash a phone.

    Thank you for any input.
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    Is anybody using the Palm Pre plus from Verizon on Cricket?
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    Hi Kilfulgore, Welcome to the P|C forums!

    I don't have much experience with Cricket, but you can also check these threads if you haven't already:
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    Where can i find the palm pre cricket beezl download link? Help please thanksIf you're talking about the ROM solution, you'll need to contact beezlewax in the seller for pricing.
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    I doubt you'll be able to move it from Verizon to cricket. They are using differering network backends. Cricket is an MVNO for AT&T.

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