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    I am allowed to upgrade in November but I will wait to get the newest webos device. Do I have to use my upgrade immediately? Can I wait until the new device out in early (or late) 2011?
    Just curious about the rules
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    Once you are eligible for an upgrade, you can use it whenever. It does not expire and can be used immediately, or when the new device comes out.

    Only catch is if you have a family plan, the yearly upgrade pertains only to the primary line on the account, the rest have to wait ou the full 2 year contract.

    Currently I have one line eligible for a full $150 off upgrade, and my other line (since it is on a 2 year upgrade contract) eligible for a $75 off upgrade (half basically) which they give you on a the second line after a year.

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    you can wait,no worries. I have 5 lines,main line gets 150 a yr upgrade,others get 75. One of my lines upgrade I did not use last yr so it doubled to 150 on oct first.
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    on family plan all secondary lines get a 75 dollar upgrade every yr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    on family plan all secondary lines get a 75 dollar upgrade every yr.
    incorrect. they only get a $75 discount on the full (unsubsidized) price and usually do not get any other discounts or rebates. so if the phone for a 22-month upgrade is $500 - $150 for the primary line discount - $150 for instant rebate - $50 mail-in rebate = $150, the secondary line would probably still have to pay $425 for the phone.

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