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    I have seen a lot of prior post complaining about Verizon's excess charges. Are verizon users finally going to get some of their money back? I am sure this is will really be less than 100% of what consumers complained about.

    Verizon Wireless plans $30M-$90M customer refunds - DailyFinance
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    The FCC had asked Verizon Wireless last year about $1.99-a-megabyte data access fees that appeared on the bills of customers who didn't have data plans but who accidentally initiated data or Web access by pressing a button on their phones. In a statement on its website Sunday, Verizon Wireless said most of the 15 million customers affected will receive credits of $2 to $6 on their October or November bills.

    It looks like this is only for customers who have no data plans who accidently turned on data by texting or some other thing. And the credits are of the $2 to $6 range. If you have a Smartphone (e.g. Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus) on Verizon - you are required to have a data plan. So Palm users need to look else ware for some kindness from Verizon.
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    I was one of those people with no data plan accidently hitting things & being charged. Only a couple times but they still charged.

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