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    I didn't get Sprint until shortly after the release of the Pre. So I've had my Sprint account since mid-November, 2009. They told me I could have 3 lines, and would be eligible for more after 1 year.

    Myself and my wife have a Pre. Our two tween daughters have been on various pre-paid and a la carte providers. The only reason I haven't added them to my unlimited family plan is because of the lack of a 4th line.

    I've tried twice to get a "manual review" for the 4th line and each time they said no. The most recent time, yesterday, they reminded me of the anniversary date when I can get the 4th. This was when I finally broke down and activated the 3rd line for my younger daugher's birthday. Got her a Samsung Instinct HD to replace a broken samsung messager. I pushed the Pixi hard and she just said she would take if it that's what I bought, lol.

    Needless to say, my older daughter is devastated (and jealous) because her old cell phone is also broken. I would be great to just be able to also add my other daughter to my plan. A measly $20/month for unlimited service (really... I think the calls to grandma are the only landline calls) and a choice of practically free phones?

    There has to be some way to get Sprint to make an exception... I've had perfect payment history and it's only a matter of 6 weeks. I plan to call tomorrow during business hours and was hoping someone might be able to recommend a tactic or share an experience.
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    I fought the same fight last december,,,in had to wait to january. So it was not so bad
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    No advice here, they are pretty strict about that 1 year policy. I've never had any luck with the credit department.
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    You could try threatening to leave, so they send you to retentions. That sometimes gets them to make changes.
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    I remember when I had 4 lines and needed a 5th,,it was november and they told me I had to wait until january,,they made me wait. I have no issues with sprint,,been w them 10 yrs now,rules are rules.
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    They are tough. I recently wanted to add a 4th line. I was 3 weeks out of my 1 year anniversary. I had to be transfered to two people to get permission. I only called, because I went into the Sprint store to research phones and when the sales person looked up my account he said I couldn't get a 4th line. He onlined chatted with someone and I was then told it was because of poor payment history. I was furious. Auto pay for 4 years. When I called, Sprint said they were incorrect, it was becasue of my anniversary date.

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