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    yes we've been with Sprint for awhile...and more than likely it'll stay that way...but we like to reevaluate every 2 years to determine if we should stay or go far nobody else has been able to compete with Sprints plans and pricing....but who knows what will happen in the we like to keep our options open and if we have contracts expiring in separate years that complicates the ability to transfer our phone lines somewhere far as her being under 18...sure she can't be held to a contract....but Sprint won't put it in her'll be on our we'll be the ones liable for it.

    I'll have to check a bit further into prepaids....they might end up being too expensive....adding her on for $20 a month was actually more than we wanted to spend....but we were going to make it her Christmas if a prepaid is going to cost more than that.....I think we might just wait a year instead
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbennett View Post
    I also think you're probably worrying too much about having one line's contract end a year later than the other two. FYI, you can find the exact amount it would cost you to terminate a two-year contract at any time here: [url= Termination Fee[/url]

    Terminating after 12 months would cost you a $120 ETF. So, any alternative you decide on in order to avoid a two-year contract, needs to cost you less than $120 total extra (for the phone itself and 12 months of service) to make it even worth your trouble.

    that's true.....thanks so much for putting that in black and white for me!!!! I've always hated the idea of paying a ETF...that I forget that sometimes it may actually be beneficial to do so and it's ok to do
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    Cheapest pay as you go is $25.00. I'm in the same boat. I just called Sprint, to complain about this policy. This is putting me in a rock and a hard place. I'm not thrilled of having a 4th phone expire later.
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    I'm thinking we'll do one of 2 things....either get her on with a 2 year contract, and then just not renew ours next year (we could always get different phones off Craigslist next year if we need new ones)....or

    Most likely, we'll just wait until next year to get her a phone (because in all honesty, she doesn't really NEED one yet, but I know she REALLY wants one, and we justified the $240 over the next year since it'd be her Christmas (and pretty much birthday as well, which is a month later) present....and of all the things, that's what she would want the most........I was pretty excited to surprise her with this, because she's given up asking us for a phone at this point, and I know she'd be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to open a cell phone for Christmas.

    So, because of Sprint's 2 year policy, they more than likely aren't going to get the $240 from us for the year, and chances were that next year, we would've renewed all 3 lines for 2 years after because of this policy, they are giving up extra revenue!!!
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    Sprint doesn't have a 1 year contract option?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    Sprint doesn't have a 1 year contract option?
    Apparently, to add a new line, Sprint requires a 2 year contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foosball View Post
    You may want to give Sprint a call and talk to a customer retention specialist. The reason I suggest this is that Sprint gives you a phone upgrade credit if you don't use it toward a new phone at the outset of your plan. This is worth $150 or so. Maybe they would be willing to give you a no-contract line if you waived your right to the upgrade credit.

    Worth a shot at least.
    this works if you talk to the right rep. i had 2 lines on my account like this. had because they offered new phones constantly and i finally bit so now i have 4 lines with all different upgrade dates. no biggie though, new phones come out every year.
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    just add the line for 20 bucks and get on with yr life.
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    Well, I think she's not going to get a phone this year......she doesn't really need one yet, and this way our options are open for 1 year from now to be looking at staying with Sprint or going that time there should be better phones out too, maybe the new Pre phone will be out by then, and it won't be brand new, so price will go down a bit by the time we're ready!! We don't always need the newest phone, we tend to like to wait to see how a phone really performs, and go down in price a little bit, but the Pre's have been out for quite awhile now, it's time for something new to compete with the other phones out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    wow, vzw doesn't work that way. we pulled an old phone out of the drawer for our daughter, and added her with no contract. done with one phone call to vzw customer service.
    we also can add a new line for only 10 bucks/month .. that's a difference too
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    Whats wrong with adding her line on, then switching her line as the primary one? That way next year all three phones are eligible for upgrades and then will be on the same contract cycle after you get new phones.

    FWIW there is solid logic behind the 2 year contract requirement. It costs sprint an average of $170 to activate a new line of service. They want you on that two year cycle because it guaranteed return on investment.

    As I was typing this I just thought of a loophole. If you can find a friend looking to get rid of one of their Sprint lines, you can perform a Transfer of Liablity. Basically the other party agrees to transfer financial responsibility over to you. At this point since its not a new line the only contract requirement is what was signed when the line was established or upgraded last (meaning that if the line has 2 months left in its contract before the transfer, it will have 2 months left after the transfer, no contract before means no contract after). Since there is no fee for activating your own equipment, you come out exactly where you wanted to be. You can even have the phone number changed after the transfer.

    PM me for details if this is at all not clear which is probably the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by postalUT View Post
    Whats wrong with adding her line on, then switching her line as the primary one? That way next year all three phones are eligible for upgrades and then will be on the same contract cycle after you get new phones.
    This is a very good idea!! I didn't realize you could switch which line was the primary one......I'll have to discuss this as an option with my husband!!!! That would definitely solve the differing contract cycle issue!!

    We don't know anyone that has a line that they want to get out of, so we can't really take over a contract from someone else.....I had thought of that as an idea already, but can't think of anyone (most people we know have Verizon)
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    I discovered the same unfortunate thing.
    I ended up getting my son a refurb Samsung T301G with double minutes for life and a 60min(doubled to 120) card for $20.

    It came with 20 min plus I used a bonus code (Thanks FatWallet!)

    So, we ended up with the phone (w/DMFL) and 170minutes good for 180 days for $20!
    You can buy a new phone every month and still be cheaper than Sprint's "Add-a-line", now with no company discounts included >

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    Quote Originally Posted by postalUT View Post
    FWIW there is solid logic behind the 2 year contract requirement. It costs sprint an average of $170 to activate a new line of service. They want you on that two year cycle because it guaranteed return on investment.
    That's interesting - thanks for mentioning this. I would never have guessed a new line cost Sprint that much to open.

    Overall, I wish I could have better choices for costs based more in line with what I do. If I buy a phone through Sprint for a subsidized cost, I have a monthly rate and that pays for the phone. Fine. But after two years, I will still pay that rate on a month-to-month basis. So I don't really pay my true costs somewhere in that setup - I'm likely overpaying after two years. If I buy a new phone on my own and start a service line, I should pay for the line start up charges, but not a subsidized phone cost adder.

    When you don't know the true costs or are charged for them, it's likely some of us are underpaying and others are overpaying. Data amounts are in that category as well.

    I know the way we have rates in the US is a simplified system, so it's easier to understand, but I would like to really pay for what I use. For smartphones, I don't think we have that option.
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    I'm not sure if you have done the math but a prepaid solution is not the way to go. Lets say you would definitely port out when your contract expired. (This would mean hers is only 12 months in) the cancelation for her line would cost about $130 give or take $10. Lets assume $40 a month for the prepaid. Thats $240 more over the year. ~$100 more then just signing up for a year and canceling.

    If you dont plan on leaving sprint then why the big concern with contract dates. Let your husband use his premier perk and get something fancy and new, get your daughter onto a plan where she can do everything kids ever want to do with their phones with no worries. Hell grab her a pixi online for free, it would be a much better choice over pre for a kid anyways.
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    been with sprint for over 10 yrs. Wanted to get my wife her first smartphone,one of my 5 lines are 2 yr contract was up so I put another 2 yrs on it and got a free pixie for it,,not ever leaving sprint anyway so I'll take that deal all day.
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    I think we'll end up setting up a new line, and making it be the primary like suggested, this seems to solve the issue of the contracts ending at different times.....I did check pricing of Verizon and AT&T as of right now, and it appears (if I calculated correctly) that if we went with them for something equivalent (actually still not even as good of a plan, but the closest I could get) to what we'd have with Sprint, it'd cost us about $75 or more a month!! So doesn't look like we'd have to worry about switching in a year anyway, but I still don't like the contracts ending in different years.

    So now, I'll wait to see if something great comes in the next couple of months, if so, then I may have my daughter get that as the new phone, but give her one of our Pres (and either my husband or I take the new one)....but so far, there's nothing with Sprint I want instead of the Pre, so if that's still the case, then we'd probably just get her the Pixi.

    Going prepaid just doesn't seem to make sense, I don't want to be paying $40 or more for a prepaid plan, when we can add her to ours for $20.....and to get her a plan for $20 a month, she's not going to have access to as much as she could by adding her to ours (we probably only use about 200 minutes out of our 1500 due to the free calling after 7, and free any mobile calling) by going onto ours, she'd have access to 1300 minutes a month, free texts, free web access, etc.....can't come close to that with a prepaid plan for that rate....for $20 a month, she'd only get about 120-200 minutes a month, she'd go through that in a heartbeat I'm afraid!!!!

    My other thought, was if we do it now, we get grandfathered into this plan, so if next year, Sprint changes their unlimited plans, we will already be on it!
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    Sprint is a contract carrier. They do offer a month to month and 1 year contract option but your plan choices are very very limited and add-ons such as texting and data are not options. I can't seem to find the information on the website but it's in our plan guides we have in store.
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    I know this thread is old, but..... I spoke with Sprint yesturday and they said If I DON'T get a phone I can add line with NO 2 year agreement. We have an extra phone, so I'm just going to add a 4th line with no 2 year agreement. I was in the same situation. Didn't want the 4th line to be different. I spoke to two people and confirmed the policy. I'm giving my daughter my Pre and taking the old BB Curve we have. When a new HPalm phone comes out, I will use my Premier Member upgrade to get a new phone.
    Hope that helps.
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