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    I'm a Palm Pre early adopter. I've loved the phone the entire time (although I can't wait for new hardware!) even though I've gone through a few of them. The first phone had the spiderwebbing, then i had the phone jack problem. Each time I've had my phone modded with Preware and each time I didn't have a problem getting my phone fixed. In fact every tech guy I've talked to, including my most recent encounter, has been intrigued by Preware and sounded interesting in adding it to their pre (yes, they all have Pres. Everyone I've spoken to at Sprint has a Pre. I see that as a testament to the phone)

    Today however I went back in because I'm having the phone jack issue again, and no amount of blowing on the jack will make it better. After waiting a while for my phone to be looked at the tech rep came out to tell me I had voided my warranty with preware. Again, he seemed really interested in how I liked modding, and what benefits it had. We talked a while about it, and like everyone before him he sounded like he wanted to do the same thing to his Pre. He also told me that I need to WebOS doctor my phone before I bring it in next time. However, I'm not sure if he meant on a new phone that I would get through paying the insurance price, or with my current phone. I'm wondering if he had to mark down on my account that the phone was no longer under warranty because of Preware, or do they evaluate that each time I go in. IE can I doctor the phone and go to another sprint store to get this fixed, or am I going to have to use my insurance plan?

    I went in to get my Pres phone jack fixed and was told I couldn't because I had preware installed. Will they record that on my Sprint account so that if I doctor the phone and go into another Sprint store they will know I have voided the warranty?
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    no, and that rep was an *****.
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    You haven't voided your warranty, unless you have your pre overclocked.
    If the tech says that you have voided your warranty then you should ask what terms of the policy were violated. Can't wait to see what he comes up with for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    no, and that rep was an *****.
    Perhaps an *****, but more likely - an egotistical, insecure control freak who gets his kicks out of needlessly causing others to suffer.

    EDIT: Let me add that having Preware installed does not void the warranty. This person is talking out of their *****.
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    Having preware installed won't void your warranty. Having a custom kernal installed which fries something because of the overclock will.
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    That's absolutely ridiculous. Tell him you're a developer and you know how to install custom applications on your phone and it voids absolutely no warranty. In fact Palm encourages it.
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    just install the stock kernel before your next visit.
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    Thanks for the support guys. I'll run into a different Sprint store the next time I'm in town.

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