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    Well I have been following the press and precentral for the last month hoping for hpalm to at least give an announcment on some new mobile hardware. I know there is many of us who love WebOS but like to also be on the bleeding edge of what is current and with palm it appears they can't seem to give a timeframe on when some new hardware will be rolled out on sprint.

    I am eligible for a new phone upgrade with my Premiere plan on Oct. 1st but decieded to give account services a call. He had no problem sending a request to push my upgrade date up a week. What i found great though for others is when he told me that he recently received an E-mail saying that all accounts eligilbe for upgrade in 2010 can be upgraded now for the next 15 days!

    Account Services direct line (877) 775-4886

    I hope this helps others get there new Epic or Evo.

    I plan on returning to this great WebOS community soon when the new Palm gets released. Until then thankyou all for the great information and the best cell forum on the net!
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    just tried and no go....i upgraded in december last year and they said that I can upgrade 15 days AHEAD of my scheduled date. i knew this had to be too good to be true (although it would be smart because it would guarantee more Sprint customers stay locked in their contract).
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    Unless you absolutely must be on the bleeding edge of mobile technology, it is best to wait a few months after devices have been released to determine what (if any) issues remain that might make the purchase not seem all that worthwhile. On Verizon, LTE phones haven't been announced or released - they could hit the fall of 2010 or 1Q and 2Q 2011. And even then, not every market would be fully compliant with the new standard so that shiny new 4G phone may be regulated to 3G speeds.

    I'm keeping the Pre until a new Palm/HP device is released on ANY network. WebOS is fantastic, and I wish it got more (positive) attention than it does.
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    Peace out!

    See ya when you come back...

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