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    Anyone have luck getting a sprint signal in Big Sur for voice and data?
    If not, have you been able to roam on Verizon towers for voice and data?

    Last time I was in the area, I was a Verizon subscriber and could get both voice and data in certain parts of the region. Since then, I have switched to Sprint but have not been back to the area until now.

    ps I'm curious about Monterey as well
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    I was there about a year ago.

    If I recall I had good 3G until about 15 miles south of Monterey and then it went to roam with no data.
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    I have verizon, have visited driving from San Luis Obispo to Monterrey probably 5 or 6 times. I get decent coverage throughout the 90 miles from San Simeon on north, but there are sections where I have no signal. I've always been impressed that I get a signal at all. I remember my wife and I stayed at St. Lucia cottages, a beautiful little collection of quaint cottages in Lucia...maybe a little north of the halfway point between San Simeon and Monterrey, and we couldn't get a signal there. But the fellow at the restaurant said if we drive 2 miles north, there is a little pull off, where there was a mound of broken asphalt (construction going on). If I stand on the mound of asphalt, I can get 2 bars! And you know, he was right! But more often than not i had a signal. At the time, I did not have a data phone/smartphone, so i don't know what the data signal strength is there. So you will often have verizon towers available, but sometimes nothing.
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