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    I cannot find a guide on how to do this. Does anyone know the best way to achieve this?
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    Simple you can't.
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    I've already seen a video of it. And people saying you can.
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    I think what you have seen are videos that show users switching radios or mother boards between the Palm Pre and the Pre Plus. This does not cause the system to change carriers. You must use the carrier you have a contract with.
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    No thats not what I have seen. People on this SITE have already told me it was possible last time I Just put it in a different section. Just search google for Sprint Pre on verizon. There is even a video of it and a blog post on this site too!
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    Why would you want to?
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    Verizon will not activate a Sprint Pre.

    However, it is possible to modify a Sprint Pre or Verizon Pre Plus with parts and get a Pre on Verizon and a Pre Plus on Sprint. However, as a minimum you need an activated phone on the network you want to be on and parts you want to change.

    Ironically there would be no reason to get a Pre on Verizon as the Pre Plus is available on Verizon and is a marginally better phone (more memory, etc.). The real deal would be to change a Pre (already on Sprint) to a Pre+ by changing out parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millworkman View Post
    Why would you want to?
    I know,why would you want a sprint pre on verizon. I think u got it backwards,there is a way to get a verizon pre to work on sprint.
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    Ugh nevermind I'll do it on my own. I've already seen a video with NO swapping. They added the MEID to the account and showed a video of it working with only 2g data working.

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