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    My wife finally decided to join the rest of the family (3 Pre's, one Pixi) and get a Pre. It arrived this morning.

    I turned it on to activate it, and noticed that there seemed to be "wisps" on the screen. It almost looked as if it were a picture of a light blue sky with small clouds on it.

    I couldn't tell if it was just a design or a defective screen, because the phone kept cycling through the opening and getting stuck on the "activation" screen. I called Sprint and after about 30 minutes they decided to send us a new Pre immediately.

    While I would have preferred the first phone to have worked immediately, I am glad that they are not giving us any hassle.

    Just a question, though - was the screen defective, or is the opening screen supposed to be light blue with cloudy wisps? I've had mine since launch day last year, so I don't recall seeing it before.
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    personally I haven't had any issue with getting a replacement device if I needed one, but I did have issues with the 'refurbished' pres sent not be working phones so I had to call them, complain, they understood and another phone was on my doorstop the next day. Sprint is a good company.
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    The initial activation screen does look like that.
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    Knew someone would pop in with it, should've known the quiet one would. LOL
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