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    Not sure what the chances are of finding anyone else in the area but I wanted to take a shot at it. My wife and I's Pre's will randomly, but often, drop to 1x. It seems to only happen when we begin to strenuously use the Ev connection (Ex: Starting a YouTube video, downloading large web page).

    Phone reboots do not help. We have Dr.'d. We have solid signal ( I am watching my Pre do this as I type and it has the full 5 bars. It is happening where ever I go, at home, at work 10 miles away.

    My next step is to call Sprint and ask if there are 3G problems in the area, anyone nearby experiencing this? Or perhaps another area with similar symptoms? It has been happening for about 2-3 weeks now.

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    I would call Sprint and verify the strength of the connection in your area. What I've noticed about the Pre is that it likes to lie about its actual connection while it's idle, it may say you have a high number of bars, but once you start to use it or try to make a call, the bars start to drop or your data connection switches to 1x (or just drops all together).

    But you may also have a problem with your modem, so you can try bringing it in or call Palm, but I bet they'll punt you off to Sprint.
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    They may also need to refresh or reset some of the data stuff in your phones. I've had a similar thing happen with them when I lived in PA and that's what they did when I called. Fixed it right away.
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    I'm in the area and get mostly EV. I don't move around too much and i'm in Tyson's so I suspect with the mall traffic, Sprint is beefed up.

    Make sure you are running most up to date PRL. update in phone preferences.
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    I'm in Virginia right now and my sprint palm pre is doing the same thing lately. I think they doing something major, that's causing connection problem. I've been dropping down to 1X constantly. Even with full bars.

    I did the ##3282#, restore data then update network settings. Still the same. So I did something different. ##3836# then press save, phone goes off network for 2sec and come back. Stays on Evdo/3G now. You can try doing that.

    Good Luck.
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    I'm near Leesburg and this only happens to me if I drop into roaming then back to sprint pretty quickly back to back then EV-DO is restored within 30 seconds or so.

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