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    My Palm Pre's front housing is in desperate need of a repair or replacement due to the following:
    - Screen has many scratches
    - Front housing is cracked on one side
    - USB charging door fell off
    - Power button is stuck (I reboot using: Orange + Sym + R)
    - Gets stuck in Headset mode (after using the phone)

    According to the Sprint repair tech in NYC, 3rd Ave store, "due to normal wear and tear, we cannot replace or repair your Pre. We suggest you submit a claim instead."

    I asked a few independant cell phone repair service shops in NYC and got estimates between $74.99 to $135.00.

    I've been paying TEP insurance $7 per month, and prefer a free replacement (or repair solution) for the "front housing" since I've been a long-term Sprint customer for many years.

    What should I do? Should I be patient and wait for the next WebOS 2.0 device? I can upgrade this month for $75, or wait until next June for a $150 upgrade.

    Your input is welcome. Peace.
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    If Sprint won't do what you want, try going through Palm and get a brand new phone. That's what I did when Sprint sent me down that road.
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    I got a refurb directly from Palm for my cracked USB port. Granted, it was within the warranty period and I had to send my Pre to Palm and wait for the replacement. :|

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