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    Oh Lame. So on a family plan my two lines are discounted but if I add a third its pure $20, no discount.

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    I just added a 4th line (for my daughter) and it was just an additional $20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    +1 on that people need to stop complaining about pricing with sprint, and if your not happy with it go to AT&T or Verizon (which I also have AT&T) and see what your bill could be.
    I'm sure many will. This is a forum. Stating that something has changed in your contract and disagreeing with that change is acceptable. Now everyone will simply do comparison shopping. I don't want AT &T, but I came to Sprint from VZW. I had no complaints w/ them.

    I've heard about all of the things that are crippled on the Pre at VZW so that's a concern, but the difference in price may no longer be an incentive to stay with Sprint.

    Right now VZW has more updated hardware and faster processor for WebOS, but they've crippled it. Sprint has SprintNav and Sprint TV. I use SprintNav and I like Disney TV. We're consumers, we'll comparison shop. That's called competition. That's how capitalism is supposed to work. Many of us who came from VZW or AT&T for the Pre are aware of the bill and the costs.

    We didn't come for Sprint's low prices, but it was a nice surprise. For those that have poor reception, at times, the prices were a reason to accept it. Sprints any mobile also make's their prices hard to beat even w/o the discount. I haven't had to pay for extra talking minutes since moving to Sprint and it was a regular occurrence on VZW where I'd have to talk to one of the family members and remind them. I don't have to do that now.
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    And dont forget Verizon doesnt support Palm devices as nearly as efficent as in point 1.4.5
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    My sprint bill just went up $10 bucks!
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    Not sure if the link will work, but its in the My Sprint section. I clicked on the latest monthly statement, and selected the very bottom link about important information regarding your account.
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    My bill just went up $10. I'm really tired of Sprint. I'm out of my contract soon and will shop around. @#$%^ Sprint!!!! I feel like they pulled a bait and switch. I talked a co-worker into switching to Sprint from VZW because discounts applied to all lines of service. Now they pull this stunt. This was very dishonest on their part.
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    How was it dishonest? All information on ****ible pirce changes and etc. is clearly spelled out in their cobtract and terms of service.

    They also made the announcement ahead of time, to all customers.

    Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it was dishonest of them.
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    You people sure like to whine. Now I see why the terrorists wanna blow us up. Fact is Sprint is still the cheapest no matter what anyone says. You still get discounts on the first 2 lines of family plans. You get unlimited mobile to mobile calling to any carrier and you get a 3G network that is always consistently faster than Verizon. You get free WORKING GPS,Nascar,Sprint TV and more. I just don't understand some people. I guess they enjoy paying more for less?
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