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    I'm leaving this week. Verizon completely screwed up my mom's account when I switched from my broken LG EnV2 to the Pre Plus. Rather than the deal we had a flier for to get a new phone until the end of our current contract, the ***** switched me like normal and extended my mom for another 2 years, but not my phone or my stepdads.

    On top of that, they were completely unhelpful with my terrible battery problems and continued to blame it on me for using it. I'm sorry, I turned off every notification I could, stopped most calls, and limited my texts, and I STILL couldn't got a full shift at work without it being dead on the way home.

    I'm switching to T-Mobile and getting a phone with a full qwerty slider. It'll double what I pay per month, but I can't stand the idea of staying with them. My stepdad is, and just got himself a Droid 2 (waste, since he never uses his phone anyways). WebOS is nice and hopefully HP will expand it out.

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    I'm really happy with the reception with Verizon so I probably will stay put, but I don't like the mandatory data plan fees on most phones. Next phone & I will feel the pinch of that fee.
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