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    Due to HORRIBLE customer service over the last month, I will be leaving Sprint, though hopefully not the Pre or webOS. It is sad that as I tried to buy a new smart phone & add my nephew to my line, I get told something different every day from their Reps. He is eligible for the upgrade, he is not eligible, he is eligible 9/17/10, no he is not eligible until 10/1/11, he can get the full upgrade, he will have to pay the full price of the goes on & on.

    I have had Reps lie to me: one told me she put his upgrade date & discount allowed in writing on my account--not only is it not there, but now they say he isn't eligible, & I have had a number of them give me incorrect information that gets "corrected" in the next conversation except that info turns out to also be incorrect, then I get a supervisor on the line who tells me something different yet again.

    It simply amazes me that I am trying to buy an expensive phone & pay more by upgrading the plan he was on & they just keep running me in circles. After talks w/Customer Service when I was told things were resolved, he went to a store twice where he was told he wasn't eligible for the upgrade. A total waste of his time & I have literally spent hours on the phone trying to resolve the issue.

    After today's change back to him being ineligible for the upgrade--from a supervisor & from accounting (retention), I simply give up. I have been a loyal Spring Customer since I owned my 1st cell phone, but it is time to leave.

    I know Sprint just won an award for improved Customer Service. It is true they were polite, & they apologized to me a lot, but in the end, the level of competence (or lack there of) hasn't changed a single bit.

    It doesn't matter if I have to pay more--I will not do business w/a company that treats a long time customer as they have me over the last month.
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    Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction. While a bit daft at times I have generally been okay with the service at Sprint of the last 3+ years. I find for best results you need to be well informed, leave nothing up to them and check up on changes they said they would make....given the deal I'm getting I can't complain.
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    Sorry to hear. It is easy to check if the phone is eligible via Sprint's website. It tells you if you are eligible and if you aren't, it will tell you when you will be.

    Sprint might have been trying to bend the rules to get your nephews line upgraded early but couldn't follow through.

    Personally I have had pretty good customer service with Sprint, but even if I didn't I would stay with them because I talk to them maybe once a year at the most. Coverage, performance and phone options are more important to me than customer service.
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    did you try a sprint store? or is all this over the phone? Usually at the store.. you can either upgrade... or you can't period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    I find for best results you need to be well informed, leave nothing up to them, and check up on changes they said they would make....given the deal I'm getting I can't complain.
    I had to underline these excellent points since they can't be stressed enough.

    I've certainly experienced the incompetence, inconsistency, and outright lies firsthand, but I've also dealt with some very helpful and sympathetic reps. It has a lot to do with the human equation. Above all else, I've learned that when making even the smallest change to your service, it is imperative to get a name, location, and ticket number from every rep you deal with so you have some kind of accountability when following up, and chances are you'll need to.

    My experience got a lot better once I learned the above lessons and accepted that any contact with customer service was likely to take at least an hour. I went from writing off hundreds of dollars in incorrect charges in my first dealing with them to getting discounts and service that went above and beyond my expectations in my most recent exchange.

    Over all, I'm glad I've stuck with Sprint because even though their customer service can be atrocious, they've been technically excellent and have saved me money in the long run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike5 View Post
    I have been a loyal Spring Customer since I owned my 1st cell phone, but it is time to leave.

    If I may make a suggestion: Do your shopping for a new provider, equipment, plan, the works, but don't pull the trigger yet.

    Call Sprint retention and tell them exactly why you're leaving and the better deal you've found with your new provider. Be polite but firm in expressing your dissatisfaction. You may be surprised what they can do for you—the retention department can often make accommodations that you couldn't get through the normal channels. If not, you've already got what you need to move on.
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    Pre and Pixi are free through midnight tonight:
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    If I should worry about Sprint Customer Service behavior, I would have left them 10yrs ago. Nonetheless, I'm sorry to know that you had to deal with such incompetence.
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    Thanks for the responses. I have been a Sprint Customer since my 1st cell phone--early 90s. I have been through the tough times & what I consider much better times w/Sprint. I had no intention of leaving Sprint when this process started. During this month I dealt w/some very competent, can-do agents. Problem is, the next day--when my nephew showed up at the store, or as I checked up on my account on line, none of them followed through & the next person I had to talk to had an entirely different story & we would start again from square one.

    Until I was bringing my nephew on to my account, I may have dealt w/Customer service once every two years. Any problems or questions I had were resolved/answered before I got off the phone. This time was different as I got different responses every time I called--even from supervisors. In the end, I was online w/"accounting" & when I asked, they said they were the retention people, but they didn't back up what the Rep had told yesterday nor did they come up w/an alternative.

    While I was out to dinner tonight, I did receive a voice mail to expect a Sprint Customer Service Representative to call me in the next 5 business days. I will try to keep an open mind, but I will be researching phones & contracts at other companies in the mean time.

    Hope your future experience is better.
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    I've had sprint now since 2000. I've shopped around, many times, and found that their plans are the best and cheapest.
    I would try to get this straightened out over the phone with retention. Then get your phone shipped to you at the same time from sprint retention. You'll have to wait a couple of days but it'll be worth it. Besides I've always gotten a better deal over the phone than at the store. If your son knows which phone he wants , ask for that one, and get your deal, but be informed. They don't want you to go, they'll do everything they can to keep you.
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    if you use google for corp/president #'s and get a good one you will be amazed. Used this method a few years ago and got complete satisfaction. Little bit of work/trial & error but it paid off. Note: found these #'s change freq so start with date search.
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    Pretty sure I can explain the 10/1 and 9/17 thing:
    He was probably due for his upgrade 10/1, but in some cases such as a customer with a non-functioning phone they can move that date up to no earlier than the 18th of the month before you are due. Anyone promising anything else is probably an *****.
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