So, as was previously stated on Precentral, the Palm Pre is priced at $0 with a 3 year plan on Bell, plus they will subtract $15 a month off of your plan just for getting the Palm Pre.

Bell Mobility – 3G Palm Pre

But what was not mentioned is that if you are a student, you can combine this discount with a Student Smartphone Discount as WELL.

Fab 10 Student plans - Bell Mobility promotion- Bell

With the Blackberry and Palm Fab 10 Student Deal, you get

200 minutes
500mb Data
Unlimited 6pm-9am Weekdays and 24 hour Unlimited Weekends
Unlimited nationwide talk & text with any 10 numbers (non carrier specific)
Unlimited text messages

all for $35/month (its $50 but then you subtract the $15 a month for the Pre)

Yeah, for those features, that is crazy cheap.

So if you are a student, I know the Pre isn't a brand new phone, but if you are short on cash but want a smartphone, this deal is insane.