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    Hi, everyone.
    I am currently using a BB Bold. And after one year using the phone, I just want to try a different phone like Pre Plus. I am not sure if the Pre is good for me.
    I use skype and google voice a lot, and I also use email as my main messaging method. I am not a big fan of facebook and twitter.
    Any suggestions and comments as well as advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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    As much as I love webOS, I'd advise you to wait until the next product announcement (which hopefully will be soon). Especially since your main uses won't be possible until webOS 2.0 arrives.
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    I second that, the pre is a great phone but rumor has it a new device will be out soon, give it a few months.
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    The Pre Plus is a fantastic phone, but if you're serious about trying webOS then you should wait - we're expecting to hear of a new device very soon (hopefully within the next 4-8 weeks).

    But if you're not willing to wait then the Pre Plus is a fantastic phone. I also came from a BlackBerry Bold (9000) and have never looked back. You'll struggle with the keyboard for a week or so, but stick with it.

    You should also know that there is currently no Skype app for webOS - we're hoping for that to be fixed in the very near future too because it's due to an API deficiency which is being attended to in the next update

    Hope this helps a little.
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    It's always a good time to switch to a webOS phone. The Pre Plus is a particularity great device. That said there are reports of the Pre Plus being end of lifed soon on Big Red and rumours are abound about new webOS hardware between now and January. So if your the kind of guy who would have issues missing new product by a few months you's best hold off. a BB user you will be accustom to the infinite customization possibilities on that phone in regards to alerts, e-mail and messaging. The Pre does all this adequately but right now, out of the box, it does not offer the same level of customization as a BB. If you're up for a little homebrew action you can get close with patches however.
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    I have a sprint pre and my mom has a vzw pre plus, both are great phones, however as stated above by many, we are expecting a new phone in the next few months, or maybe even weeks, the bold is a good phone and hopefully it can last you long enough to wait for the new hardware

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