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    Last year the NFL draft picker on WebOS was my super-secret weapon. Apparently it has gone to Verizon. I hate you Sprint, you murdered my super-secret tech!

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    Why blame Sprint for something that Verizon bought?
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    No doubt... Verizon paid an unreal amount of $$ for that one and they don't even have it running for webOS right now either! Definitely not Sprint's fault.
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    The NFL and Verizon cut a deal for the rights to NFL Mobile then Verizon brought out apps for the Droid, HTC, Blackberry and one LG phone but not for WebOS. The reason your unable to get NFL Mobil on your Sprint phone is the NFL who sign exclusive contracts with one carrier. The reason you can’t get NFL Mobile on any WebOS phone is Verizon’s, who failed to create a WebOS app for NFL Mobile. When NFL Mobile went away form Sprint so did all the Features of the Sprint App including NFL Draft Picker.
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