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    Just checked since I hadn't looked after 1.4.5 and I seemed to have reverted back from 60669 to 60664.

    I updated and it now is at 60670.

    Prl 60670

    Sorry if this has been posted already. The last post I saw was for 60669. I know these updates are not all that exciting but I'm always hoping for better improvement on my signal quality that has seemed to dropped a bit in the last couple months.
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    PRLs are hardly a party.
    I did search but I can never seem to pull up the proper threads that have already been posted. The search option here is the worst. Hence the multiple threads starting with, "I searched and could not find this but..."

    Ah well, my bad.

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    It's whatever you make it to be, and I choose PARTY
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    Thanks for the heads up

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    I don't even see the point of PRL updating so much
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