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    Hi All, I have only been with Sprint for about 30 days now. I love my new palm pre and sprint service other than at my home. We live in a dead spot about 5 miles in the country and Sprint doesnt understand why we have no service because the zipcode on our address shows that we have the best signal. The city folks with customer service do not understand we live in the country. I have talked to so many people that I am blue in the face trying to get a free airave. I have read so many posts on different websites where people get these for free but everyone i talk to tries to charge me. A manager told me they could not give me this for free because my account has no value yet since i am a new customer. I was wondering if anyone here has recently gotten an airave for free without having been with sprint for some time and if so do you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    I recently got one for free after setting up a Sprint account. I called customer service and told them that I had no service at my house (although I am supposed to be within the good coverage area) and was wanting to cancel my service. They transfered me to their retention department, who set me up with a free airave, and waived the $4.95 monthly fee.
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    Thanks for the reply. Were you still within the first 30 days of service or longer? I am still within my first 30 days so wonder if i should just wait till i am actually under contract to try again.
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    Mine came free after 3 consecutive months of overage harges caused by having to roam so much at home.
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    Reps and stores are most likely not encouraged to give these out for free. You need to talk to Account Services or Retention to get this. The easiest way to speak with them is to call and tell the rep you want to cancel. I'm not sure how they're set up with the 30-day thing - the reps may be able to just cancel without handing you off. Still, if they won't give you an Airrave and you cant get any service at home, wouldn't you want to cancel before you get locked in for 2 years?
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    That would make sense ahitz but we just got out of our contract with at&t because we not only had no signal when we did have signal at home half the time we could not dial out. We even went to the local at&t office under their own tower and had 5 bars but could not dial out. My parents have verizon and my brother has tmobile and they can not talk at our house either. Sprint is the only company with 3g in our area right now and we love everything about our phones and service except the bad location of our house. I do not think it is sprints fault just the location of where we live. My gripe is i see all of these people getting an airave for free and them trying to charge me so I know there is a way to get one I just havent got it figured out yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pritchbrian View Post
    Sprint is the only company with 3g in our area right now and we love everything about our phones and service except the bad location of our house.
    I'm not sure. I'm a LONGtime customer with 5 lines (well, 4 at the end of this month), so when I moved to a deadzone they had some incentive to keep me around. When I called, I told them I'd pay for the AirRave OR the service, but that it's ridiculous to pay for both to cover their network hole. They just gave me both free.

    You may have to wait until you're on contract, or maybe pay for the AirRave only if they comp the monthly fee. If you think about it from their view, whats to stop you from joining for 30 days, gettnig a free AirRave, and then walking away?
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    Thats kind of what i wondered. I dont have a problem waiting till im 30 days in so they will have me in contract if they will treat me like they treat everyone else that gets it for free. I think i am within 2 or 3 days of being in contract for good so I will probably give them a call next week. Thanks again for the advise.
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    I called sprint again this weekend and didnt have any luck. They still tell me that my account has no value to them since i do not have a history of paying my bills on time yet. I guess I'll wait awhile and try again.
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    Just a little update. I decided to try again for the free airave yesterday on sprint chat. I just told them that i had 0 bars of signal in my home and my employer was getting fed up with not being able to contact me. Said i had been told about the airave but everyone wanted to charge me for it and i had read numerous places where customers were getting it for free. He checked my account and about 2 min later said he had good news that he could offer me the airave for free. Even better yet is it is the new airave that also handles 3g so it is worth the wait. UPS tracking shows it will be here tomorrow. Thanks for all of your help.

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