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    My earpiece speaker in my Pre seems to have encountered some faulty wiring or somthing. I have to shake or punch the phone for it to work again at times. The external speaker worked fine but I can't walk around talking like that. This is about... The 2nd time I've had to get this refurbished Pre fixed. I had to fix my original Pre about two times as well.

    Went in, gave them my phone yesterday, mind you, it was overclocked at 800mhz before I wiped everything to test if this was a software error, the result?

    "You're going to get a new phone tomorrow (today) since you came in before 3pm. Do you want it at your house or here?"

    Thank you Sprint. Heres hoping build quality is better than this refurbished and my original Pre!

    As a sidenote, I played with an HTC EVO while at the store. While it was quite nice. I could never switch. No keyboard - no go. Then, battery drain was horrendous. I will say though, as a web browser, that huge screen is quite nice. I've also been with Sprint since I got a cell phone and when they had reputation for having bad customer service (never encountered that during the time anyways). It just isn't happening at my Sprint store, and never has happened.
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    Your story sounds about like mine. I did have one phone with Airtouch (which turned into Cingular which turned into AT&T) before Sprint, but I've been with Sprint for 10.5 years now, with only 1 issue that they couldn't fix, and they did their best to make up for it. I too cannot live without a physical keyboard, which makes most of the Android phones available to me unacceptable. I'm on Pre #4, but it's been so hassle free to swap them out and it is so quick to get back up and running that it doesn't bother me. That and I can't afford any other carrier's outrageous prices, so I'll be with Sprint until kingdom come...
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    They sent me a free AirRave because we moved to a house that is behind 3 towers pointing away from us and cant get great reception. It was delayed a week because they were waiting for a new model, and then I had it 2nd day.

    I'm on Pre #4 and have had no issues getting a swap each time. This last one has been great since I got it in December.

    Their store, phone, and web customer service use to be terrible, but from my perspective all aspects have consistently and dramatically improved since Hesse became CEO.
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    i too have had that problem, they say it's in the jack for the headset and that it thinks you have something plugged in so it cuts off the handset speaker...

    i'm on my... .let's see...
    #1 original new in jan don't remember why...
    #2 replacement in march, refurb, i think this was the speaker problem...
    #3 another refurb, keyboard stuck and something else...
    #4 replaced it with a new one this time....
    all the above were done via customer service and dropped at my doorstep via UPS.
    #5 just replaced last week with another refurb....
    #6 coming in another few days, the refurb they gave me has a keyboard that is lit like crap. can't see half of half the keys in the dark at the brightest setting....

    finally I exported all my outlook contacts (since I don't use outlook anyway) to gmail, now they back up to my phone a la automatique!! when I put my gmail account in there....

    it's a bigger pain to go to the store to do the swaps, but the 800-customer service people are no longer as quick to replace the phone as they used to be, they tell you that you gotta go into the store to have them look at your phone to see if they can fix it first.... what a pain. that plust it's a $1/hr to park in Walnut Creek, CA near the store... there's not free parking within a decent walk. they are super nice, but they are not fast...

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