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    on my airave the system and gps light are red
    is this just me or are other people experiencing this right now
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    mine is working fine....try unplugging yours to reset it.
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    I have no signal without my airave, so I would notice any time it stopped working. It works continuously very well.

    Is your internet connection OK? The airave requires GPS location and an internet connection.

    If everything else seems OK, I would try what David suggested and reset the unit.
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    Mine is working fine, my GPS light often flashes red. I do not have a window with clear sky shot. I live in a condo, I have to open the window and pull the cord accross the breezeway, get the signal then pull the cord back into the condo. Works until there is a power outage or network goes down. Not to bad, it doesn't happen very often. Good luck.
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    mine works fine for my sis at my moms house
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    Mine occasionally flashes red even though it's right by the window (it doesn't have the best line-of-sight to the sky, though). Whenever a power cycle happens (outage, me being dumb and pulling the wrong cord, etc.) GPS always takes forever to acquire a signal.

    Not to go on a tangent, but I've noticed something really weird when I'm on my Airave. When I fire up Google Maps when I'm in my apartment (usually checking traffic and I don't want to fire up my computer), GMs tells me I'm somewhere north of Los Angeles (I live in San Diego). It takes a little while (a couple minutes, which, ironically, would've been long enough to power up my desktop, check whether, and shut it down again. But whatever), but it finally tells me where I really am and I can look at my commute.

    Not a huge deal, but I always thought that was weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pardoe View Post
    on my airave the system and gps light are red
    is this just me or are other people experiencing this right now
    Make sure that you have vpn passthrough enabled on your firewall/router. I haven't had time to see what the airave is actually trying to do, but it definitely forms a tunnel of some sort outbound, and uses that to then wrap around voip.

    That said,
    Sprint's airave 'technical' support is the worst. Good luck.
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