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    I've read several posts asking for such a feature recently, so I thought I'd add this information in its own post.

    I called Sprint CS recently to ask how I could block a text, when their online account features weren't working right and she told me you can do it this way, right from your phone and it does work.

    All you have to do is send a text to short code 9999

    In the text, put the word BLOCK followed by the phone number, so it would look like this:

    BLOCK 1234567890 (Also recognizes it if you have the area code like this (123))

    You will get a confirmation back that this number is now blocked from texting you.

    To unblock just send the word UNBLOCK followed by the number.

    This is convenient if you don't have immediate or regular access to a computer to get into your online account!

    Hope this helps!
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    Does that block it from calling you too?
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    I've tried the on-line feature and it didn't work. I'm setting it up this way right now !
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    nice to know
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric1987 View Post
    Does that block it from calling you too?
    No! This is just text blocking and it blocks both ways, you cannot text to that number, either.

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    There is a patch for blocking calls from certain numbers that involves you saving the number and naming it a certain name, something like Do not answer or something like that. I can't remember the name.
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    nice find and post
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    Just blocked someone.. Thanks
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    Those patches should be easy to find in a search, I believe they all have call block in the name. I used the one that blocks any number not in my contacts.

    And everyone is very welcome!
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