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    Just wondering if anyone has any info on when verizon will be releasing v cast apps onto webOS. Its currently only available to bb and android users. I read in the v cast developers forum that its coming out for winmo and webOS too.
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    I'm really disappointed with how Verizon has handled the Palm Pre Plus. Blocking GPS, no Vcast, slow on updates, etc. They're way too into these Android 4.3 inch devices I would NEVER buy (or be able to fit into my pocket). I can see them dropping active support for an old device they're not selling... but that's not the case. I'm not going to hold my breath on Vcast....
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    Verizon has never offered Vcast for their Palm Phones... Even my old centro couldn't access it. All i want is the NFL app for the Pre
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    All i want is the NFL app for the Pre
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    I love everything about my pre plus, except for my carrier's support for the device...vzw has done a terrible job in support of webOS, far worse than any other US carrier.

    no my verizon to access our account info, no visual VM, no NFL app, no one in tech support nows the device...

    just terrible.

    when the new hp palm device comes out, if it seems that it will not come to vzw anytime soon, I will leave the carrier, after 10 otherwise great years.
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    it just seems like they have android on the brain. Even their black berry suport has gone to crap. A real shame. Its gonna be really interesting to see if and when the iphone joins the mix. Hopeully it will open verizons eyes.
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    Yeah you guys are right. No one gives a crap about WebOS at Verizon.

    Once I went to Best Buy. They had a little Verizon section (the Pre Plus was actually featured there). I went to ask for help and they knew NOTHING about the phone. I told them my USB cable for my Pre Plus broke. I asked for a knew one. She gave me a BlackBerry wall charger! I told her that wasn't gonna work. I had to wait 15 minutes while she consulted the manager about what to do for me. Finally she told me she didn't really know what to do. So, finally, I picked up a car charger kit and told her I would just use the USB from that.

    I would absolutely LOVE it if Verizon and their partners learned something about WebOS.
    I own a Verizon Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0.1

    Here to help and learn
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    I have to agree with the other users, Verizon is dropping the ball on Palm Pre. Sprint owners are up to 1.4.5 WebOS and we are I have been on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Blackberry and I enjoy the Palm Pre Plus the most. I find it more intuitive to use. Problem is that the Palm is not the Wiz-Bang money maker, so they do not give it the time it deserves. Only reason I am still with Verizon is the family plan. Hope HP breathes some more into a great mobile OS.

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