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    I just received a gorgeous color booklet from Sprint in a mass mailing today outlining all its phones and higher end products. No mention of the Pre or Pixi at all. Disappointing.
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    The pre is over a year old and waaaay outdated compared to the competition. it wouldnt make sense for them to be promoting it when they have more up to date products. I love the pre, but its slow and has 1/2 the memory of everything else out there.

    I know ppl on here say it has a great OS, which is true, but sprint is selling phones, not OS's
    Motorola i710 > Motorola i760 > Samsung M520 > Palm Pre
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    You can still get a Pre Plus or Pixi Plus at Verizon or AT&T. But, I believe the next generation of HP/Palm smartphones should come out by the end of year...hopefully with webOS 2.0
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    I'm sure PALM/HP will have something out soon . . . no need to market the old equipment.
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    I agree, I'd rather get the next generation than get the Pre Plus or Pixi Plus.
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    I got a Pre, wife a Pixi recently. I had to call a couple of times about stuff, and twice they made a point to ask me what I like about the phones, sounded like a script question. Sprint doing research?
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    a bird told me that someone is getting a new palm phone with 2.0 come october.....que anticipation music!
    damn forced to edit to add JK

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